“Bear” bottom

Tonight after Mack’s shower he started whining about not wanting to go to bed.  As I was drying his naked self off I said, “Mack, if you start all that whining and screaming like you did last night, I will pop your bare-bottom.”

He frowned at me and said, “NO, peoples don’t have ‘bear’ bottoms.”

Ruby and I died laughing.  He did not like that I would insinuate that he had a bottom like a bear!  Hilarious kid.

I say hilarious kid now that he is sound asleep –and has been for two and a half hours!

2 thoughts on ““Bear” bottom

  1. Oh that little sweet Mack. Enjoy reading about your kids. They will keep you laughing want they. Tell Ruby, Mack and Molly – GAGA said hello.

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