13 years ago

I have been outside a little bit with Mack.  We’ve been walking through the woods and watching the leaves fall.  It is gorgeous out there.  The Fall is my favorite season, by far.  One of the reasons may have to do with what happened one Fall evening many years ago…..

Thirteen years ago today, I drove from Augusta back to Middle Georgia College during my last semester there.  I had spent the weekend thinking and praying about dating Josh exclusively.  He had asked that Friday afternoon after we had lunch together at “Village Pizza.”  He says I talked the whole time and he couldn’t get the question in during lunch….BUT, I think he might have been nervous about asking because he didn’t eat very much.

We met outside between our dorms on that Sunday evening, and I let him know that I thought we should date exclusively.  He said he already knew I would come back saying that.  🙂  The only “negative” I had written down (I had a list of pros and cons….can you say analytical???) was that we would be long distance.  That didn’t end up being so bad except for the monthly phone bill that our parents received.  These were the days long before every 12 year old you know had a cell phone.

ANYWAY, it has been true love ever since.  We never broke up or even threatened it.  Just wanted to be together so bad we could hardly stand it.  Well, maybe that is just the way I remember it.

I love you, Joshua Lee Dorminy!

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  1. I love it! Sounds very familiar…the distance, the phone bills, dying to get married…I may have to pull out the old box of letters!

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