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It is that time of year again where we get to participate in a church-wide “mission trip” as a family!  And we had such a blast!  Josh, me and the kids went visiting a few homes and handing out some food boxes and a great gift package on Friday evening, all the while meeting new people and beginning new relationships as well as tending to some older ones.  We were very excited to see many younger couples with young kids, like us.  I think in light of my recent out of country trip I was able to see what we were doing with a new perspective that really made it more exciting and way, way less about me and way, way more about Jesus.  I was personally able to share the gospel three times and talk to one lady we have known for a while about the day that she was saved.

There was a lunch today, sponsored by the church where we got to meet more people from this particular neighborhood and eat with them.  We had tons of books for everyone to take also.  A few guys had cleaned some road signs and planted pretty flowers at the entrance.  Overall, a fantastic day!  Two couples and their kids are following us to church tomorrow, and we are thrilled to have them with us!  One lady was able to have all of her teeth pulled yesterday, which was good for her because she had been in horrible pain from her bad teeth.  A guy is going to get eye glasses, which he desperately needs.  We were made aware of other physical needs that we hope to be able to help with, but a far greater need for every single person who lives and breathes is a relationship with a loving Heavenly Father who loved us so much He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, so that we might live in His freedom.  The physical needs are secondary in comparison, but they are real needs.  I pray that they see the love of Christ in all we do and all we say.  He alone has what we need that will matter when this physical world is over.

setting up the tables and chairs

Mack was a big helper!

Another big helper…this is one of my favorite parts of Love Loud…seeing our kids being a part of it all.

Double Trouble the help

We even got to see Pastor Johnny this morning!  We were glad he was a part of our day!

He shared a snippet about his testimony and prayed.

Blankets were a huge hit.  Some of us were able to help out with these on Friday evening.  Most every kid and some of the older adults got a fleece blanket that was made with love and prayed over before being handed out.  Very cool.

Sweet mother-daughter team cleaning up!

(This picture doesn’t have to do with Love Loud, but Mack did love that Olivia was pulling him on this broken go-cart!  He is a mess.)

I just have to say that today was a wonderful day of service to the Lord.  This morning when I woke up and got alone with Jesus, I was overwhelmed by His love for me.  I have done nothing in my life to deserve His lovingkindness, but He is so good and offered it to me.  I read from Ruth about how safe it is under the wings of God…the only true shelter, no matter where you live.

5 thoughts on “Loving Loud

  1. I agree completely. This year had a deeper place in my heart than ever before. I could feel a real spirit of peace more than any other time we have been there. God is up to BIG things and I want to be a part!!!

  2. What a wonderful day! It always seems that the ones doing the giving get more out of the situation than thoes who are given to. I pray that Love Loud will be a big success in every class. I didn’t see Ruby. Was she with you?

  3. Wow! What a great thing ya’ll are doing!! I pray that the Lord will continue doing BIG things through Love Loud and each and everyone of you that had a hand in this service. What a wonderful witness this is to your children!!! Love you all! 🙂

  4. It looks like you guys had an awesome time. So glad you got to share personally with some folks…it makes such a difference/impact! That Mack looks like a Kindergartener hauling that chair…what a big boy! I can’t wait to see him…even if he will have phone conversations with “only Ben”!

  5. Great post! I love the picture of Mack carrying the chair. What a wonderful ministry. And I love the prayed-over blankets…great, great idea!!! Thanks for sharing this.

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