Weekend Fun

There are approximately 5 million other things I need to be doing right now–including, but not limited to, laundry, sweeping and mopping, packing for beach, packing for an out of country trip, ironing, cleaning toilets.  Ugh.  See why I chose this instead?  There is so much to do that I am shutting down.  Do you ever do that?  Have an abundance of duties to perform, so you just sit down.  I’m there.

Let’s start with Josh and his trip to Haiti.  He had a great time.  He said it was hotter than he could have imagined.  He roomed with three other guys in a hut with no A/C and no hot water and with tarantulas.  There weren’t any in his room, but many were found in other people’s rooms.  He almost got to meet Madelene, our little girl that we sponsor through New Missions, but there was some miscommunication and the kids didn’t get to come over.  He says that is probably good and that we can go as a family over there and meet her and help New Missions in some way.  The girls would love that, I think.  He enjoyed not having a phone or email access.  Three days of being “unplugged.”  How nice.  We are glad he is back home safely.

Saturday we went to Mercier Orchards in North GA to pick apples with the Andersons.  It was the most beautiful day we have had in a very long time.  I am so glad we went!

The Anderson Family: Mark & Deidre, Annie, Ella and Jack

On Sunday we went to church for a wonderful service with Charles Lowry.  He is a psychologist and happens to be hilarious.  His dad was my pastor when I was a little girl and baptized me, too.  Small world.  He taught out of the book of Job about what to do when life caves in.  He encouraged us to celebrate the Lord rather than to celebrate your life or things in this world.  The neat thing was that Josh taught out of Job as well.  It is so neat when God works things out that way.

After church we ate lunch with friends, then got ready for a Labor Day Sunday School party.  It was really very last minute, but lots of fun!

Jeff came down on his horse.  The kids loved that.

I love our Sunday School class.  It is a very real group of people who are not pretentious or snooty, that’s for sure.  We have become really close with so many of these people!  I am so thankful for Christian friends.

We had two jumpy things there, thanks to the Mauldins and the Wallers!

Cute Hudson.  My girls call him “Hugson.”  It started that way because they were much younger when we first met them and just pronounced Hudson as “Hugson.”  It has stuck.  I think they know how to say it, but they just want to call him that now.

Our family enjoyed a beautiful Monday by getting out a bit and having lunch at a park, then we just hung out at the house.  Fun, relaxing day.

So now I better get off of here and go do something!

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  1. Kristy, we had such a great time at your house Sunday night! You guys are so sweet to do stuff like that. I just noticed in the picture of Hugson that he has on Maggie’s socks! 🙂 Ha!! Oh well, the life of a sweet middle child!

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