So different!

I wish I could elaborate on how different each one of my children are.  It would be hilarious…and maybe one day I will take the time list some of their differences.  Like how Ruby usually sheds tears during our school time here at home and would much rather be running around or reading than doing anything I am asking her to do.  Or how Molly (as my friend Mary said) seems to be born to go to school!  She loves anything to do with scissors and tape and glue and paper and markers and paint.  Ruby, on the other hand, exclaimed today, “These scissors!  If she knew how hard cutting was for me, she wouldn’t make me do it!!!!!!!”

And on and on these differences could go.  Oh, one more…Mack STILL doesn’t know his ABC’s.  And I mean that literally.  Not A, not B, and not C.  We are trying.  The only thing he says is, “Oh, look Mama, that’s a crocodile like we made.”  In an effort to start a letter a week with him, we cut out a letter A, he glued it down, then we made it into an Alligator.  A is for Alligator.  Get it?  Well, it just doesn’t click for him…yet.  I am convinced that one day the boy will identify his ABC’s and maybe even EFG.

OK.  To the point of this post.

Molly is in Kindergarten and has to write a story each week and choose a word that starts with a specific letter.  This week the letter is S.  She chose the word Superman.  Very cute.

Last year when Ruby did these stories, it was like pulling teeth at the beginning.  She’d tell me three sentences and be done with it.

Molly leans over near me and says each word and waits on me to finish writing it.  I told her I could write fast and that she could just tell the story, but the fact is that she doesn’t trust me to write down what she says.  And today when she said, “the mans who were hurt” and I wrote “the men who were hurt,” she caught me!!  She pointed to it and looked at me with a bad face and said, “No, ‘the mans who were hurt.”  Yes ma’am.

I had to include her story here:

S is for Superman

There was a Superman.  That Superman saved and helped people.  One man that he had to help was hurt and he died.  The man had a suit on that could help the man who was hurt.  It had air.  It had gloves and it had powers.  The powers helped the man who was hurt.  Then, another Superman came along. He helped people walk.  Those Supermans were friends.  They were a family.  But the mom and dad were at work.  At that work they had to work a long time.  They had to work morning and evening.  Also, night.  But the other morning they stayed at home because they had been working all morning and night.  Also, evening.  They were so sleepy.

The End.

5 thoughts on “So different!

  1. I’ll have to share that Superman story with Kayla. She chose stars and sky for her S words. She loves to dictate long stories as well. Glad Molly is enjoying Kind. Oh, and Macy has no idea about the ABCs. She can sing the song, but that’s about it.

  2. Very funny…I don’t think I realized this about Ruby…but I totally know that Molly likes her school supplies 😉 Not sure what to say about Mack…except maybe A is for Crocodile 😉 Such funny, funny childerns!!!

  3. hahaha! I didn’t know that about Ruby either!?? And everyone knows that Molly is very crafty! 🙂 That story of Molly’s is quite interesting…I’m a little exhausted from reading it! morning, evening, night….are they learning about this in school??? too cute!!

  4. that is a lot of work. day. night. evening. i’m tired thinking of all that work. they must be stay at home mommy’s without dishwashers and a computer that distracts them all day. night. evening.

    don’t worry about Mack. I think Phoebe knows more letters than Truette. Truette would much rather do puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. He is very much mechanically minded.

    Yes all my kids are very different.

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