Gran & PawPaw

Gran and PawPaw decided to take a trip up here to visit all of us this past Thursday.  We enjoyed having them here.  They were so very nice and took the kids to see Toy Story 3 again.  Popcorn and all!  They also took them to lunch afterwards.  What did I do with myself, you ask?  I read in a quiet house and then decided to go get a manicure and pedicure.  It was heavenly.  That night they said Josh and I could go on a date while they stayed here with the kids.  Again–heavenly.  We went to Milton’s Restaurant and then roamed around the mall and talked.   They got to eat with Jason and Merrilee on Saturday morning.  We visited with all of them Saturday afternoon and then they left that evening.

It was sad to see them go.  The kids cried and said that they missed them and that “they said they weren’t leaving until night.”  It stays light outside until nearly 9:00pm, so the kids thought they were staying until it was dark outside.

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped right before they left.

Thanks for coming to visit, Gran and PawPaw!  Y’all are so good to the kids AND to me and Josh!   We will see you again soon.

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  1. how nice of Gran and PawPaw! they are so sweet! so glad you and Josh got some alone time…and the manicure and pedicure…ah, heavenly, i’m sure! jason’s shirt is hilarious!!

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