Oh, this is funny…

I hope this isn’t a “guess you had to be there” story…but I have two funny stories to share.

#1- As I was taking the kids into Kroger to pick up a few things, I found a touch Blackberry phone on the ground.  I was talking outloud and to myself and said, “Oh, some poor lady just lost her phone, probably because she had kids with her at the grocery store and got distracted….”  Molly and I were talking about it, and I told her to hold the phone and give it to me if it rang.  She kept asking me, “How do you know it is a poor woman’s phone?”  I kept answering her and saying, “oh, it may not be a poor woman.  Just because you lose your phone doesn’t mean your poor.”  I didn’t know why she wanted an answer to that question until she said, “YOU SAID it was a POOR woman who lost this phone.”  I laughed so hard at her.

#2- Before the grocery store we were in the library just to do get out of the house and do something free.  Well, Mack came over and told me he had a headache in his belly.  Molly and I just looked at each other and laughed at him.  I told him he could go potty if he needed.  He said he didn’t.  After getting home, unloading the groceries and trying to figure out how to find whose phone this is…I hear from the potty, “I FINISH POO-POOING, MOM.  I FINISHED.”  I went to the potty to do what moms all across the world do, and I said, “Oh, my Mack!  You did have a headache in your belly, didn’t you?”  He said, in a very matter- of- fact tone, “Yup.  There it is.” (as he looked in the potty)

So funny, these kids!

American Girl Doll

So the American Girl Doll magazine came in the mail yesterday.  Ruby found it this morning.  She was so excited.  She was telling me all about it, and then she said, “My doll is in the garage,” with a guilty look on her face.  See, we bought the Target GENERATIONS doll.  It costs about $25.00.  The American Girl doll costs about $100.  I said to Ruby, “Yeah, I am glad we didn’t spend $100 dollars on that kind of doll.  It seems like you don’t like the doll all that much.”  She told me that when it was her birthday she “really liked the doll though.”  That meant that for the week of her birthday she thought the doll was incredibly fun to play with.  As time passed, she got bored with it.  I just reiterated to her that it was fine for that to happen, especially since we got her doll from Target.  She said, “Thank goodness for Target, huh?”

Yeah, thank goodness for Target.