Cute little friends

This week we went to the Bounce House.  The kids loved it and were exhausted after we got home.  The Barsh family met us up there; their family has 2 girls and a boy like us.  They are all in the same grades, too.  They had a ton of fun together.  Molly loves GiGi and talks about her a lot.  GiGi is a very independent little girl and has a fun time wherever she is.  Here is a picture GiGi’s mom got of them together.  Can you see the love???

And side note, I think Molly is looking more like me.  If you feel differently, just lie to me, OK?

5 thoughts on “Cute little friends

  1. She really is looking more like you. Her face shape especially. I really miss y’all. Kiss EVERYBODY for me.

  2. I was thinking that exact same thing when I first saw this picture!! She looks a lot like you!!

  3. Molly looks a lot like you…seriously…no lie…fo reals 🙂 And I love this pic of her hugging a friend – it’s so sweet!

  4. wow she really does look like you!! Please tell the kids the their Columbus cousins look forward to a meeting.

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