American Girl Doll

So the American Girl Doll magazine came in the mail yesterday.  Ruby found it this morning.  She was so excited.  She was telling me all about it, and then she said, “My doll is in the garage,” with a guilty look on her face.  See, we bought the Target GENERATIONS doll.  It costs about $25.00.  The American Girl doll costs about $100.  I said to Ruby, “Yeah, I am glad we didn’t spend $100 dollars on that kind of doll.  It seems like you don’t like the doll all that much.”  She told me that when it was her birthday she “really liked the doll though.”  That meant that for the week of her birthday she thought the doll was incredibly fun to play with.  As time passed, she got bored with it.  I just reiterated to her that it was fine for that to happen, especially since we got her doll from Target.  She said, “Thank goodness for Target, huh?”

Yeah, thank goodness for Target.

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