Oh, these Summer days really cannot pass quick enough.  For many reasons, I am ready to get back into school, back to some structure, back to some productivity.  With the house on the market, I am feeling very much like a maid.  I am finding comfort in anything chocolate and afternoon ice cream cones on the front porch…not good….not good at all.  Gotta get a grip someway, somehow.

Moving on.  This afternoon I was up in Mack’s room making up his bed.  He seems to have a tee-tee problem.  We have been out of his “belt” for a week and it is clear that he is not past ridiculousness in the night….there is a story there for any one who is wondering what in the world we are talking about…I am just not at liberty to share on a blog.  SO, when he wets his bed and himself, he just takes off his pajamas and then sleeps under his bed.  I found him this way the other morning and it happened again today.  I asked him why he gets under his bed, and he said, “It is fun.  I like to play with my trucks under there.”

And this is what under his bed looks like after a night of “sleeping” under it.

He and I were playing trucks this afternoon.  He calls the Indians, “Idiots.”

He also says that this cowboy is shooting people on his skateboard.  That’s a talented cowboy!

He got bored with the idiots and the cowboys and trucks, so he started doing this:

And just for fun, does anyone remember these little things from Hardees?  The Dorminys brought some stuff from their house that they found in their garage.  These were in the stuff:

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  1. Are you kidding? I STILL have my Cali Raisins collection…started to sell them at a yard sale but Jesse says they are collector’s items (hee hee hee). So maybe you are sitting on a gold mine of Hardee’s goodness 😉 And boy oh boy that Mack is a funny boy. And you PLAY with your kids? Way to make me look bad! j/k – I play ‘clean up the house’ with mine…or maybe ‘let’s water the plants’…guess I need to throw the ball with Vance a bit more, huh?

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