Our July 4th Weekend

Home-made peach ice cream…yum.

Ruby was much more adventurous in the pool this year!

Mack helped the men work outside…he was black from head to toe!

This is how we spent every afternoon.  I don’t know how we’ll ever get back into a normal routine!

The Dorminys graciously let Josh and I stay out in the pool house while the kids slept in the house with them.  It was heavenly not to be awakened at 6:55am with someone in your face asking for breakfast!  On the contrary, we slept until 8:30 or 9:00!!!!

The kids all enjoyed the pool so very much.  It was so nice outside.  Hot, but not miserable and there was a nice breeze that helped keep us all cool.  The guys put up a make-do shade area for us, which helped so much.  And Uncle Jason threw the kids around in the pool for a very long time, and they all loved that!

The food was phenomenal, of course.  We ate a lot of delicious stuff!  Mervin never fails to keep us fed well.  My favorite were the little lemon cupcakes he made.  They were tiny, so you can easily find yourself popping them in your mouth like popcorn.  Between me and Ruby, a whole bunch of them were gone in an embarrassingly short amount of time!

GG and Papa Mac were with us a lot, too.  It was so nice to catch up with every body.  Mack loved GG showing him the garden.  Mack got both of them in trouble though when he took the okra he picked and threw it in the trash!  Shameful.

Gran played numerous card games with the kids each day.  She said Molly was great at SNAP.  It takes concentration and focus.  Ruby didn’t do so well.  She was always ready to get in the pool.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Gran and PawPaw’s house (or Sweetie and PawPaw’s house!) without a few rounds on the golf cart.  They went out several times, but one time I was driving Molly and Mack.  She did not stop talking.  It has hilarious.  Mack was just sitting there, as was I….then she said, “Mack sure is being quiet.”  Then, without missing a beat, she continued to talk, talk, talk.  Asking questions an answering them all on her own.

Mack got her back at dinner on Monday when he talked the entire time.  And I do mean the entire time.

Thankfully, Josh picked up a dvd player with two screens that hook on the seats for the ride there and back.  No one talked our ears off in the car since they were watching a movie.  It was a nice change.

So now we are home and must get back to work…laundry and cooking and more laundry!  No pool either.  What a hard life.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Our July 4th Weekend

  1. wow! sounds like ya’ll had a BUSY weekend! looks like lots of fun…mom & dad made peach ice cream too! and they grilled out sunday AND monday! sounds like we had similar weekends…minus the pool. 😉

  2. You are in trouble! Twenty miles from me and not even a phone call!!!!! Just kidding!
    Miss you!

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