Kalimantan who?

So I know very well that I have not been keeping up with the blog.  I have been a bit distracted in my thought life and just where we are in life right now.  Nothing bad, just new and different.  Some have asked if we are moving again…Lord-willing, yes.  Our new house is on the market.  It would take a lot of time to explain how all of this came to be and maybe I will type it all out one day on the blog, but for now I will just say that the Lord is most definitely leading Josh and our family in a new direction.  I am excited about it…though I don’t really know exactly what I am excited about.  🙂

Anyway, on to a funny story.  Josh got this book called OPERATION WORLD that is put out by Operation Mobilization and has lots and lots of countries…maybe all the countries in the world…in it.  It tells about the country and its faith, population, etc, etc.  We have been using it as a guide to pray for the nations.  On the day we started, we read about Kalimantan, Indonesia.  At the end we were praying and Mack really wanted to pray.  He said, “Dear God, thank you for…what’s that name again?…”  Josh said, “Kalimantan.”  Mack said, “WHAT?!,” as if he hadn’t ever heard that word before in his life.  Then, he tried to pray again and stopped mid-sentence and asked, “Kanamanta?  Is that Truette’s daddy?”  (friends we have who live in Indonesia)  It was so funny.  The girls couldn’t hold back their laughter and neither could us parents.  🙂

“Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Your possession.”  Psalm 2:8

2 thoughts on “Kalimantan who?

  1. Hahaha!!! I laughed out loud! I am excited to see where the Lord will lead you guys. I would love any details you are willing to give…haha!

  2. This is great…and what a testimony for y’all to pray for countries as a family…I like it!!!

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