Ruby and Me

Today Ruby and I took a few hours to go out and run some errands together.  She had mentioned wanting to be by herself with me, so we took advantage of doing that today.  We went to Target and roamed around.  It was fun to stop at the things that interested her the most.  We found a JESSE cowgirl doll that she just had to have.  She talked to that doll all throughout the store and in and out of the car the rest of the day.  I am glad she decided to leave her in the car while we ate Mexican or I may not have gotten to talk to Ruby!  We enjoyed cheese dip and chips; it seemed that this restaurant had a bigger bowl of cheese OR it could have been that all the other family members that love cheese dip even more than we do were not there!  We also ran into the Dollar Store and the grocery store for a few things as we get ready for VBS next week.  It was really a fun day!  Ruby said, “This is the greatest day ever!!!”  How sweet!  I plan to take Molly by herself next to get our nails done together or something.   I think she would really like that.  Josh took Molly and Mack to the playground and to The Varsity.  Fun was had by all today.

It’s amazing how hard you have to work to make sure you get one on one time with your kids!  As I talked to Ruby over lunch I just smiled.  She is so fun to talk to and has a very sweet personality.  We talked about church, about next year’s school year, about possibly moving, about how yummy cheese dip is, and more.  She was so cute.

Hopefully next week I can work in some Molly and Me time.  Happy, hot Saturday!!!!

3 thoughts on “Ruby and Me

  1. Okay! 1st: Moving?! Moving where?! Who?! What are you talking about? *patting down my hair*

    2nd: Getting that one on one time is SO hard but highly recommended or otherwise one day you will wake up and think, “I do not know this 9 year old child. What does he like? How does he think? What is he feeling?” I mean “her” or am I talking about myself and my Cameron?

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