Mama’s Day!

Before we left on Friday, I got my Mother’s Day gifts.  The kids were so sweet (and so was Josh!).

Ruby got me a sun hat.  Molly got me a chair for sunning.  Mack got me a cool firetruck that makes noises….only stipulation is that it has to stay in his room.

We had fun in Augusta this weekend. I really enjoyed hanging out with my parents, sisters and their families.  It was fun.  There are so many pictures that I just don’t know where to begin.  This is the downfall of taking 400+pictures over a very brief time period.  I will post a few of my favorites and try to share some more later.

Kaybeth drinking her diet coke.



My mom and me

Ruby and Sweetie

Jud, Molly and PawPaw

Marcy and Renn

All seven crazy cousins

And last, but certainly not least……

There are sooo many more cute pictures.  I will post them soon, I hope.  For now, laundry is calling.  Wish it would lose my number, but I don’t see that happening.  Hope everyone had a fun Mother’s Day weekend.

Oh, I will mention that one of my favorite parts was holding Mack while he slept.  He is getting so very big.  He turned 3 in March and just won’t stop growing.  We asked him to please stop growing around 8 months, but he does not listen!  I figure my days are numbered that I can hold one of my sleeping children.  I took advantage of it this time.  He tries to cuddle up on you like he is a newborn baby.  He is so sweet.

It was a Happy Mother’s Day for me.

3 thoughts on “Mama’s Day!

  1. WOW! what a great mother’s day you had on friday. lots of nice gifts! you are really gonna enjoy that fire truck! hehe!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pic of Renny!! my pics didn’t turn out as good as yours!?? and i love the pic of you holding Mack!!

  2. Hi Kristy – You and Cacy really do a good job of capturing the pic of all the kids. Love that pic of Renny eating her ice cream. All the kids are just growing up too fast. Thanks for sharing your pic so that
    I can see them in so many different poses. I check Cacy’s during the day when I am at work. Makes the day go by much faster. Give all your little ones kisses from
    Vance and Rennys GA-GA. Cacy’s kids call me GA GA also.
    Hope you have a good week. Jean

  3. I love this…thanks for taking all the great pictures. Oh, and why does my child constantly have her finger up her nose????????????? GEEZE!

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