School Room!

My wonderful husband went and picked up a chalkboard that his brother found on  I have been wanting a chalk board in the school room for a while.  I just hadn’t found one that I loved and that was affordable.  This one is perfect!  The kids are already enjoying it.

With Molly starting Kindergarten in the Fall and Ruby being in 1st grade, I am going to need as many helps as possible to make sure I am an organized, on-task teacher.  I am not sure how Mack fits in to that equation, but we shall surely see.

Maybe I can tie him down in his little chair during school time.  Hmmmmmm….

4 thoughts on “School Room!

  1. Yeah, craigslist is a great place to find chalk boards, dirt bikes, call-girls — you know, all the stuff you really need in life. I’m totally kidding. Sorry, I’m in a mood. But I really do like that board. You could even write their names on the board when they get out of line and then put check marks next to them for each bad thing they do…that is what I would love best if I were a teacher 😉

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