Grace & Pete

Pete, Grace, Josh, and Jason

Grace is Josh’s cousin; Pete is her husband.  They got married about four months after we did, and they are such a nice couple.  We are thrilled that they made time to come out and see us during their Spring Break road trip.  They ate dinner with us and just hung out for a while.  The kids entertained us a bit.  Poor Pete got cornered by Molly at the end of their time here and had to endure looking at many of our family photo books….gotta love that.  He was so nice to appease her.

It was great to see them.  Grace is expecting their first baby in October!  Very exciting.

They brought the kids cute cookies.  Yum!

I noticed that the one with Ruby’s name on it is the only one left.  I imagine Ruby has a plan.  She ate two tonight that were just decorated.  This one that is left has her name on it.  So tomorrow when everyone wants a cookie, she can say, “But this one is MINE.  It has my name on it!!!”

Mack was in rare form and while we were outside visiting he asked me, “Can I show them how I tee-tee on the grass?”  Then he proceeded to drop his drawers, turn to Molly and say, “See me, ok,” and then tee-tee right there for all the world to see.  What a nut!

Molly nearly lost it several times, but she managed not to totally fall apart while they were here.

Ruby was so sweet and polite.  I heard her say “yes ma’am,” and I heard her speak to them very nicely.  I was very proud of her!  She even fell asleep while we talked in the living room.

Grace and Pete–Thanks for coming over!!!  It was great to see you both.  Can’t wait to meet your baby in the Fall.  🙂

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  1. Awe, CONGRATS to Grace and Pete…little precious baby on the way 🙂 Looks like y’all had a good visit. It’s nice to see family!

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