South GA visit, Day Three and Four

Can I drag this out any longer?!  🙂

Seriously, the kids had a sleepover last night….Thank the Lord for good friends…so I got some time to myself.  I roamed Target, got my toes done, ENJOYED QUIET CAR RIDES AND AN EVEN QUIETER HOUSE.  It was heavenly!!!  The main part I enjoyed was the quietness.  I also like getting ready uninterrupted.  From shower to dress to make up and hair—not one single interruption for a snack or to referee an argument or to help someone find their shoe.  It was nice.  Josh and I enjoyed conversations, also uninterrupted.  The kids didn’t seem to miss us one bit.

I wouldn’t have missed me either if I were them having all that fun with the Barsh family.

Ok, back to the never ending Easter weekend posts.

Saturday consisted of an Easter Egg Hunt, good food and more golf cart rides.  The kids each had an area of the yard assigned to them.  Uncle Jason hid Mack’s eggs, Josh hid Ruby’s eggs, and PawPaw hid Molly’s eggs.

They waited inside while the eggs were being hidden.

Uncle Jason hiding eggs.

Why this little boy has to be so grumpy is beyond me.  Most of the time he is laid back and chipper.  All the other times he looks like this.

Who knew an Easter Egg hunt could be so miserable?!

Seriously, this kid may have issues.

Wait a minute.  Is that a smile I see???

Besides the one PawPaw buried, this one was the hardest for Molly to attain.

The kids went inside the porch area to open up each egg and see what was inside.



More Money!

All of this treasure hunting reminded me of when we were little and had Easter Egg Hunts at my MeMe’s house.  It seems to me that us little tikes never even had a chance at the Golden Egg that had money in it.  But I’m not bitter.  Nope, not me.

And there was lots of jewelry!

Gran and PawPaw also gave the kids their Easter baskets from them that day.  Fun, fun!

I love the look on Ruby’s face as she takes in the wonderful news that we now have Season 4 of LITTLE HOUSE.  Please note that Molly is just as happy to have Milk Duds.

A snake!

We thought Ruby was the only one who loved Peeps.

We were wrong.  Who knew?!

It’s ok though.  Ruby shared her Peeps.  Mack let Ruby read his book.

And Molly held tightly to her Milk Duds.  Don’t mess with Molly and Milk Duds.

On Sunday morning we all woke up and got ready for church.  Josh and I gave the kids their Easter Baskets then.

Here’s a picture of last year at Easter:

Aren’t they sweet?

And here’s a picture of this year:

Oh my.

We did have a great time with The Dorminy’s down in South GA celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

We are now enjoying our Spring Break.  The kids are back home with us. The house is not quiet, nor is the car, but that is more than ok.  We are looking forward to a nice Thursday.  Josh’s cousin and her husband are planning to stop by for a visit tomorrow night while they are in town.  I will have to post pictures!  Until then…..

4 thoughts on “South GA visit, Day Three and Four

  1. Once again, I love the post! That Mack is a character…so animated…and quite dramatic…prob just the girls rubbing off on him 😉 I love his “wowza” face in the first picture of the kids getting their baskets from the Grandparents…he looks SO excited! It looks like y’all had a lot of fun. Molly is really getting that “big girl” look about her…kinda sad. And Ruby and her reading…so good! I really like the last year/this year Easter pic comparison. The kids change so much. Great pictures and great post 🙂

  2. We also enjoyed every minute we got to spend with all of you. Hope to see you agin soon. Love you.

  3. I love all the pictures. I know Gran and Paw Paw had a blast. I wish we could have been there. I love the picture of the kids looking out the window. Sooooo cute.

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