South GA visit, Day Two

This coffee represents a wonderful part of the weekend.  Gran and PawPaw let Josh and I have the pool house to ourselves while the kids slept inside in a room in their house.  That means several things, one of which is I DID NOT HAVE TO BE THE ONE THAT MADE THEM BREAKFAST EACH MORNING nor DID I HAVE TO BE UP AT 7:00am SHARP OR EARLIER EACH WEEKEND MORNING!  Praise the Lord for that.  It was such a great part of the weekend.  I got up, got ready, walked out and drank some coffee very leisurely.  The kids had already eaten and were well into the morning, comparatively speaking.  Thanks for that, Gran and PawPaw.

The first order of business was to cut down a tree.  Not just any tree, but a very tall pine tree that had been struck by lightning and was doomed to fall, possibly on the pool house.  I thought it should be left to professionals, but what do I know?!  I have learned that whenever two or more of these fellas get together, they just have to get themselves involved in some sort of project that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Doesn’t that look like a very tall tree?!

Uncle Tony, Josh and Mirv discussing what their plan of action should be.

TIMBER!!!!  The tree came down with no problems.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Uncle Tony wasn’t making this face at me, but I bet Irv and Josh wanted to.  O, me, of little faith.

Maybe Josh sent Mack over to me to do this.

Gran kept the kids a very safe distance away from the falling tree.

It was warm down there and had been for about a week or so.  I didn’t, however, bring the kid’s swimsuits because it wasn’t THAT warm, and I knew the water would still be cold.  But, again, what do I know?

My crazy kids swam in the freezing water!

Who needs swim suits anyway?!  We were lucky if they kept their underwear on!

Gran boiled some eggs for the kids to dye.  If she had know how much they liked to eat them, she may have just skipped the dying part.  The kids wanted the eggs to be cracked so that they could eat them instead of dye them!  Stinkers.

PawPaw grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs for us…yummy!

That night we went to their church’s Sports Park where they had a Good Friday service.  We were able to reflect on what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross and then conquering death three days later.  Good News!

4 thoughts on “South GA visit, Day Two

  1. how sweet of Gran and PawPaw to give you the mornings ‘off’!! and i can’t believe your kids eat hard boiled eggs!! wish my kids liked them…i have 2 dozen of them to eat! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness it looks like everyone had too much fun. Just give grown men a chain saw and watch what happens. Tell Gran hello for me. We were just in Lee co. playing ball and I thought of her.

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