South GA visit, Day One

We arrived on Thursday.  The kids were thrilled to get out of the car and run and play at Gran and PawPaw’s house.  They didn’t sleep much on the way down there, and Molly might have aske 8,534 times, “How much longer til we are at their house?”  But we made it safe and sound and that is what matters.

We were welcomed with a cute birthday cake for Mack and me.

We had a yummy dinner, opened a few presents and ate some cake.  I venture to say Ruby had the most cake while we were down there.  She loves birthday cake—hers or anyone else’s.

Mack got some cool Spider Man tennis shoes and flip flop kind of shoes (I found his size at our Target, Gran.)

Gotta love this shot…spider man tank top, spider man undies and spider man shoes!  We forgot his Spider Man watch at home.

And for those of you who just thought we were addicted to LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE….you now know it is true.

Gran made the girls bonnets and aprons.  They love them!!

All of the kids used their pine cone picker-uppers while we were there.  They really enjoyed that!  Better them than me!  I did pick up a good bit of pine cones on Meadowbrook Drive, but those days are long gone.

We got to spend time with Uncle Tony and GG, too!

3 thoughts on “South GA visit, Day One

  1. AWESOME pics…love the bonnets and aprons…just like Half Pint and Mary 😉 Looks like y’all had lots of fun.

  2. oh…i meant to comment on Mack’s sleeveless top! haha! that is so funny that he likes to wear those…Jud won’t even wear them to bed!? he is spiderman crazy, huh?? 🙂 too cute!

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