Josh and I don’t know much about soccer, but we are learning!  Ruby had her first game today.  She did great!  I am so proud of her.  She ran hard, she learned a lot about which goal to aim for when kicking the ball, and she encouraged her team mates.  All the while, she was cute as a button.

These two found a way to eat throughout most of the game.

Ruby got in there and got after the ball from time to time.  She did good.

She’s over to the left kicking the ball.

This is UPWARD soccer where at this age level you don’t keep score…they are all winners…and you cheer for the other team, too.  Josh watched Ruby, but kept a safe distance.  Hee hee.

“Go Ruby, Go!”  The girls don’t yet work together so well.  The girl she is pushing away from the ball and vice versa  is on her team.  Funny.

Molly made a lot of friends and caught up with some old friends.

Here, Ruby and some girls are encouraging another teammate to play.  She got hit at the beginning of the game and didn’t want to play anymore.  I was proud of them for trying to help her get back in the game.

Mack got pretty good at balancing on these wood logs and jumping off proudly.

We had such a fun day at Ruby’s first soccer game.  I really am proud of her effort and how hard she ran during the game.  We got to see a ton of people we go to church with, too.  That is always fun.  I get to see many of those same folks early in the morning, so I am off to bed!

4 thoughts on “Soccer!

  1. Now Josh will get a taste of how we spent his childhood. How many games! How many practices!

  2. I wish I had been there to watch. I miss you all very much. We are coming soon so we can go to a practice and a game. Tell Mack and Molly I will bring the popcorn. Ruby looks so grown up…..kiss them all for me…..Josh too.

  3. You go Ruby Girl. You look like a pro. I’ll bet it was very hard for daddy to watch you play without saying anything.

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