And I’m back……

Mikey V saved the day with a few little tweaks to the computer/router/modem….or something like that.  Thanks a ton!!!!!!!

A couple of people said that they have missed posts.  And when I say a couple, I mean a couple, like one-two….namely, Sweetie and Gran.

So I am so excited to be back on-line and am ready to blog and show you what I have been doing with all my extra time.  Then, I realize that though I am back on-line, I still have a chewed-up, non-working Nikon camera cord thing.  Thanks, Mack.

I did confront him on the issue.  He started with denial.  So predictable.  Then, he went into “I say sorry.”  Again, predictable little booger.

I will tell you that I made a trip to THE CONTAINER STORE, and I love that place!!!  I loaded up our cart, scaring Josh the whole time.  He stopped me and told me something about “maybe we should warm up to this place and then see what else we need.”  Whatever that means.  So a measly $59.00 later, he confessed that he really thought it was going to be over $100 and that was why he stopped me.  “You gotta admit,” he said, “we were 10 feet in the store and you had picked up a couple of each item we passed.”  I am taking it drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, and I love the results.  There will be a post coming entitled, “PLASTIC BINS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”  My friend, Mary, laughed at that title and said that in the twenties a good pair of jeans was what could change your life.  In our thirties it’s plastic organizing bins.  Aren’t we so much fun????  Seriously though, the bins can change your life.

I do have a funny story on Ruby.  I actually had several on the kids, but I can’t remember them now, which is why I am so glad that I am keeping up with this blog.  I love, love, love some of the memories that would be long-gone from my mind, but they aren’t now because I have blogged about them.  Very neat.

OK.  So Ruby and the other two were waiting with me in the car.  She was asking me what certain things spelled.  One, in particular, stumped me.  “Mama, what does R-I-T-A-puffersee-S spell?”  HUH?  She said it again.  I looked around and then saw that she was spelling “Rita’s” and evidently a “puffersee” is an apostrophe.  Too funny!

Tomorrow she is doing her show and tell at school.  She wanted to take her books that have her name in the title.  It worked out that Gran and PawPaw would be visiting this week, so Gran is going to go in and read aloud a couple of the books.  I think it will be really fun.  (Sweetie, you’re the only one who hasn’t made an appearance at Ruby’s school.  I have already figured out that maybe you can come and bring Spike and Julie for Molly’s show and tell or for “Pet Week.”  I have you covered!!!)

I spent one night this weekend with a very bad headache, which resulted in little sleep.  The next night I had some stomach ish-as (issues) that also resulted in only one hour of sleep.  Today the Dorminy’s came to town, so I am glad the kids had some one else to play with and talk to.  It has helped.  For now, I am going to go relax and try to do nothing while we wait for Josh to get home.

Happy February 1st!

10 thoughts on “And I’m back……

  1. I fell upon your blog again from Cindy’s blog 🙂 LOVE IT! and the container store story… you have to keep me posted! I have been doing some serious organizing in the Austhof home, I may have to make a trip out there!

  2. Let me know next time you make it to the Container Store! We could make it a girl’s trip. I’m sure the men would love that! That place gives me the warm fuzzies!

    1. I haven’t considered that…I am not tech-savvy at all!!! I need to look into it, for sure. Hope you are doing well!

  3. I feel the same way about the bins. Thank goodness there is no Container Store in Canada. I would need a 12 step program if there was.

  4. I LOVE THE CONTAINER STORE! Good girl only spending 59 bucks! Can’t wait to see pics of what you bought and how you used the containers!

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