Beyond Tacky

I am not sure if I should issue a warning or not before showing all of these pictures, but let me  say that all of these people are very sweet, kind-hearted and normal people.  Or at least I thought so before this party.

Last night was the second annual Tacky Christmas Party for the Sunday School Class.  Last year we had “Christmas Past” twist.  This year it was just a tacky Christmas party, and oh how these crazy folks rose to the occasion!  It was hysterical.  There was a contest and everything.  As ugly as my outfit and Josh’s were, we didn’t even touch the tackiness that was in the room.  Mind-boggling tackiness.

We’ll start with this mild outfit I wore.  Striped socks, ugly yellow shoes, “let’s raise a little cane” sweatshirt, side ponytail…..yet so mild, so very, very mild.

Sweet Coleen and her gigantic ear bobs.

Oh. my. word.  This is Josh with Bill and Melissa.  They were HILARIOUS!!  They came in looking like this and “in character.”  We all just died when we saw them.  Many of us could not recognize them at first!

This is Melissa, again, with Missy and Dana….all looking quite tacky.

What beautiful Christmas Tree shirts.  Rebekah got this from her mom’s closet.  Very funny.

“Bubba” the Snowman

Lovely duck tape to hold the table cloths in place

Josh, Merrilee and Jason.  She stole her sweatshirt from her mom’s closet, too!

Missy, Michelle, Heather, and Cindy.  I was going to crop out the trashcan, but I thought it would add to the tacky level of the picture.  Cindy must have paid a million dollars to get one of Michael Jackson’s jackets.

Gangsta’ Christmas being beautifully displayed by Guy.  I wish I had a picture of Julie with him!

Deidre & Mark with Josh.  Deidre’s outfit was off the charts tacky.  Ankle boots with red hose!  Oh my.  That’s all I can say.  Except that Mark’s sweater is very ugly.  Very.

We played a game called, “Hummdinger.”  It was fun and funny.

Chad was not a good hummer, but I think his team miraculously guessed correctly.

The Group Shot—crazy people, just crazy.

This is spooky.

We had a very fun time!  The class members are so much fun to be with and seemed to all enjoy being together.  The Party Planning Committee always does a phenomenal job, and I am so appreciative of all they do to make these fun times happen.  I am already looking forward to what next year’s theme might be!  We will have to put a lot more thought into the outfits if we are going to try and hang with these messed up people.  Messed up people that I love dearly.

5 thoughts on “Beyond Tacky

  1. So, Josh’s pants scared me a little.Especially since his sweater was too small. Bill and Melissa looked so good it could be real and please tell me that is not a hairy bell and leather pants. Pastor and Mrs. Janet look great too.
    Looks like so much fun. Great idea.

  2. Oh my. I can’t believe I missed it! The BArsh’s are CLASSIC. And the dude with the cut off sweater and leather pants is kind of scary too and BOLD. Love it.

    My mother in law wore at least 3 things this weekend I could have used!!!

    Can I borrow your striped socks and yellow shoes?


  3. I don’t know where to begin!?? Looks like ya’ll had a great time! Love the pic of Josh laughing with Merrilee and Jason…funny!

  4. I’m with Cacy I don’t no WEAR to begin…hahaha.
    The bad thing is Payne would love the pants…send-em on down here.

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