We should have seen it coming

These pictures were taken before we left for our visit to Santa Claus.  We should have known that Mack wasn’t up for taking pictures…not that he ever is, but still.

This is when Josh told him to step away from the girls and that he just wouldn’t get to have his picture made.  He stepped away and cried and cried.

And the girls posed and smiled beautifully

You know, Mack is a lot like Josh.  Josh would rather not take pictures of anything or have his picture made.  I feel like I am asking him to have two teeth pulled without medication when I ask him to have a family picture taken.  (maybe he isn’t that bad about, but he does not like posing for family pictures)  This morning Mack showed me this pose and told me, “This is what Daddy do.”

And he does!  He sometimes stands like that while he is talking to me in the kitchen.  It cracked me up that Mack noticed and showed me!  It was so funny.

OH, but Josh is always dressed when he stands that way.  🙂

Here is Mack showing me the start they put up on the calendar this morning.

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