Snow = Christmas?

Ruby and Molly woke up Saturday morning and informed us that it was snowing!  We looked out the window and sure enough, there was snow falling to the ground!  It was beautiful.  A few minutes later Ruby said, “But it isn’t Christmas!”

It reminded me about last year when she woke up on Christmas and said, “But it’s not snowing!!”  In her mind, snow is supposed to be falling down from the sky on Christmas Day.  As nice as that would be, it just doesn’t happen down here in the South.  I can’t remember ever having snow on Christmas, actually.

Oh, well.  We did enjoy watching it the little amount of time it was falling.

Just for clarification, the roof isn’t covered in snow.  It is a metal roof.  The small white dots falling and then disappearing are snow.

On a more negative note, I think I am allergic to the live green stuff we have in our house this time of year…..the garland, the tree….oh my.  What do I do?  Zyrtec for the month of December?  Somebody tell me!

3 thoughts on “Snow = Christmas?

  1. We got bronchitis a lot as kids and the doctor told us it was our real tree. As soon as we got a fake one we were better. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. NO FAKE TREE!!! A cocktail of maxiphed and singular should do the trick. As always consult YOUR physician.

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