Ol’ Saint Nick

So maybe it is illegal to show this online???  Not sure, but really, who is on line looking for illegal Santa picture scanners?  Let’s hope not many.  ANYWAY, the picture turned out great.  Mack couldn’t have made a meaner face. I am not sure if he is mad because I made him sit on Santa’s lap or mad because I made him wear that red sweater vest.  It cracks me up.  He looks soooo big here, too…probably because he is big.

The morning started early.  We left home about 8:30 to go eat at Waffle House.  The kids love that place.  They ate lots of scrambled eggs, waffle and some sausage.  Then, we took off for the mall.  We were too early for Santa to be there, which is when Molly started getting worried.  “Will he come from this way or that way?”  and “How will we know where he is?”  and “Will he come over to us?  I don’t want him to come over to us.”  Bless her heart.  She started getting more and more nervous the longer we waited, and I wouldn’t let them go to the play area to pass the time because the level of “germy-ness” over there is probably off the charts these days.  I am not a germ freak either;  I just want to do what I can to keep the flu or any other sickness from invading our home during this Christmas season….or all winter, for that matter!  OK, so Santa starts walking towards his station from upstairs, all the while ringing his jingle bells and saying “HO, HO, HO!  Merry Christmas.!”  He gave Ruby and Mack “five,” but Molly would hardly look at him.  We were the second ones in line.  They all ended up doing just fine.  No one completely refused to go up to him, so that is good.  Ruby said she wanted a jump rope.  Molly said she wanted her training wheels off her bike, which she already has, so it sounds like Josh and I don’t have to spend much money this year!

Seriously though, we don’t even do the whole Santa thing here at home.  We talk about and read about who the real Saint Nick was and what he did to help others, but we don’t go into the whole “Santa comes into our house and leaves the presents” story.  And before anyone thinks we are being crazy, we don’t think that anyone that does do this is evil or ludicrous.  We just chose not to do it.  We both grew up with that tradition and liked it.  I even thought that a cute little flying fairy came in and unlocked the door for Santa if a house didn’t have a chimney.  Josh’s dad dressed up like Santa one year and visited Jason and Josh in their room in the middle of the night.

So now you are all thinking, “Then why in the world do you get their picture taken with Santa?”  I just like it.  It is funny to see the pictures of them crying or pouting and just to see them growing each year.

HO, HO, HO.  Merry Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Ol’ Saint Nick

  1. I get your Santa concept…I will have to email you the post on my FB page about my conversation with Vance on the true meaning of Christmas…Santa and Reindeer and Jesus all lumped together can be very confusing for kids!~ Love the Santa picture, though. I can’t wait to get V and R picture with him 🙂

  2. Too funny, Kristy! The girls and I magnified the picture just to see that scowl a little closer up. I love it. My favorite picture of our kids was when Ella is screaming her head off in Santa’s arms her first Christmas. Such a memory.

  3. aww!! i LOVE the Santa pic!! i can’t wait to see how my two do….jud didn’t do too well last year!? we shall see! poor molly! you definitely don’t need to go to disney world anytime soon! haha! she would go crazy! lol!

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