School Days

We are still doing school, though the month of December seems to be a hard time to stay focused on reading, writing and arithmetic.  Today we were doing addition and subtraction, which Ruby let me know that she didn’t understand what I was talking about until I said, “plus and minus.”  Those were the key words.  We also played some phonics and word family games, then got Mack safely to bed after lunch so that we could do a couple of fun projects.

We made hot cocoa and wrote down what happened to the water, the powder and the marshmallows and peppermint.   A science experiment of sorts.

Molly is going to have Kindergarten two years in a row because she already does everything that we do!  Even when I’d rather her not.

Ruby enjoying her cocoa (sort of) while she wrote the answers to the questions…she looks like such a big girl here.  I can see her as a college student ordering $7 coffee drinks with her Dad’s money.

Side note:  This is why I don’t like sharing my office area with three little munchkins!  Eaten apple just laying on my desk and a sticky mouse to go along with it.

Ruby crushed up some peppermints so we could mix them with melted white chocolate and then let it harden on wax paper.  YUM.  She is supposed to give it to someone.  I wonder if she wants to give it to her teacher????  Me, that is.

It really was a productive school day.  We went to church tonight, and I got to see her in the Magnolia Room as she sang some songs with her choir class.  She was so cute up there!  This is the same room that we didn’t go in to see Molly sing.  In our defense, we didn’t know in advance about this performance.  Molly likes to tell me, “Remember when I sang in that room?  I was looking and looking and looking for you, but you were not there.”  UGH.  That’ll make you feel like complete poop!  I explain to her that I didn’t know before hand, and she is beginning to come around and will add to her statement that, “Yeah, they should have told you.”

For the record, Molly has been great lately.  And tonight I told her that in Cubbies I wanted her to not miss me and be sad, but to love me and be excited that we will see each other soon! (She usually is very quiet and tells me it is because she misses me….I mean, we only spend 90% of our time in the same room.) She had a great night at Cubbies and Choir and the teachers even commented about it!  Gran, keep up your praying.  Gran said she prays every day for Molly to have a good time and to talk to her friends and teachers.  It worked.  Yipee!

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  1. We noticed a happier Molly at the playground tonight too. Last time we were in there Marc worked hard to get a smile out of her. Tonight she actually talked to me about your 3 Christmas trees until a friend came up and they ran off to play.

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