It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

We are glad we have already gotten our tree, decorated it and put up several other things for Christmas, but I am not sure putting something in the stockings was a good idea.  Ruby can’t reach into the stocking, but she can ask five million times a day if she can look at what is in her stocking.  “NO!!!!!!!!!”  It’s my own fault, I suppose.

All that to say that everyone is excited about Christmas.  We laugh at Mack because he is a little confused on the nativity sets.  He has heard that Jesus is God’s son, so he names those in the nativity as “Murray (Mary), Baby Jesus, and God (Joseph).”  Not an easy thing to explain to a 2 year old.

We are hoping that the birth of Jesus is what sticks out the most to our kids each Christmas season, though it is very easy to become distracted.  Josh and I were having trouble ourselves as we roamed a very pricey Christmas Tree Farm.  They had the most gorgeous wreaths I have ever seen.  There was ornament decorating for the kids and face painting.  They even had trees that had “snow” on them.  Beautiful and expensive.  Someone, evidently, buys their trees at this place or else they wouldn’t be in business…we just aren’t one of those families.

Here’s the outside of the building

Me and the kids in front of one of those fancy trees

Mack found some marshmallows to stuff in his mouth

They sat and watched some fish in a pond

This is Berry Patch Farms where we got our tree…very cute place with a fun tractor ride for the kids

Kids waiting on the tractor

Josh measuring the trees to see which one would fit best

Mack is pleased with the tree!

Mack had been concerned all day about how the tree was getting back to our house.  He said, “Daddy will drive slowly?”

We did some decorating around the house later that night.  The tree decorating would wait until Sunday afternoon.  We were tired from a full day….not to mention that we were going on four and a half full days of family time.

Here’s our “chandelier” over the dining room table.

The kid’s tree

Molly putting the angel on the top of our tree downstairs

This is a basket of books, each wrapped individually.  The kids get to open one each night leading up to Christmas…they are all Christmas-themed books.  I got this idea from a friend last year.  There will be a couple of DVDs in the mix, so that should be exciting for the kids.  Grandma’s, if you see any cute Christmas books or DVDs, feel free to send them our way.  I will give you full credit.  🙂

Forgot to mention that we did buy something from that first Christmas Tree Farm I was telling you about…mistletoe.  Funny.

Here’s another tradition I have…having the kids get a picture taken with Santa.  I wish you could see these up close because they are comical.  Somebody is crying in each of them except the one where they all three look “drugged.”  I am gearing Molly up for the event big time.  I am hoping it will happen tomorrow, but we’ll see….Molly asked if we could go in that pottery store (Pottery Barn Kids) and my reply is, “After we take our picture with Santa!”  She then will ask if she can get a slushee.  “After we take our picture with Santa!”  I am certain she is going to fall apart, but I am going to try very hard to help her enjoy the moment.  It is doubtful that will be the case.  Hopefully I will have a picture to show you tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

  1. i love the christmas book idea!!! what a neat tradition! and i love the pics of the kids with santa! so cute! looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun! can’t wait to see how seeing santa goes!?! i will stay tuned! 😉

  2. Okay, I’m going to stop reading your blog…I feel guilt for not blogging, not decorating to the max, having a “fake” tree, having a plastic santa on my front porch, hmm………….what else? j/k Maybe instead of guilt, I should feel inspiration??

    But seriously, I love your blog! Looks like y’all had fun at the tree farm. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And I can’t wait to see some crying Santa pics…for some odd reason I love it when my kids cry in the picture…IMO they SHOULD be scared of us making them sit in the lap of a strange old man in a weird red suit…

  3. We should get Coleman and Mack together to tell the Christmas story. Coleman likes to say “Joefess”. So between Joefess and Murray I’m sure it would be a very interesting story! You have some cute traditions and a beautiful home!

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