The oldest

Ruby is definitely fitting into the mold of the older sibling.  This morning the girls came down stairs and Ruby immediately remembers that today is the day that we start putting our velcro pieces in their proper place on our “Countdown to Christmas” nativity calendar.  I told her that it would be nice to wait until Mack woke up so that he could see it being done.  She said, “Oh, but I will go ahead and do it so that he can be surprised.”  Yeah, right.  The whole time Molly doesn’t argue at all that maybe she wants to put up the first piece.  I told her that tomorrow she could put one up.  She just smiled and shook her head.  Ruby then proceeded to tell her, “I do this one, you do this one, I do this one, you do this one….”  I stopped her and said, “Hey, what about Mack?  He’ll want to do it, too.  She said, “Oh, ok.  I do this one, you do this one, Mack does this one, I do this one, You do this one, Mack does this one,” etc, etc. all the way down to the next to the last one.  Then, Molly said, “Daddy could do the last one.”  Ruby said, “Nah.  I can do that one.  It would be my turn.”  I guess she is really getting “patterns” in our math lessons.  She is a hoot and very much in charge!

One thought on “The oldest

  1. That’s funny. Kayla has been begging us to start our calendar since she saw it about a week ago. We hid it for a while, but she doesn’t forget much. Everytime we told her we had to wait until Dec. 1 she would pout. I told her if she kept pouting then Macy would go first. Haven’t heard one complaint since – and I’m making them wait until Marc gets home to put it up!

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