Before Moving on…..

Before moving full-on into Christmas, let me add a few more pictures from Thanksgiving that Aunt Cacy sent today.


PawPaw with the kids at their table

My mom, Marcy, Cacy and Me

The pretty table where we ate

One more day in November!  Crazy.  We spent most of today decorating when we got home from church.  It looks so good and is very Christmasey.  I love this time of year.

4 thoughts on “Before Moving on…..

  1. I want you to know this Thanksgiving will go down in my heart as one of the BEST yet. I enjoyed having everyone in the house, lean-to, yard and porhces. The kids were wonderful and the Thanksgiving table conversation truly blessed my heart. I am so very thankful!!!! I appreciate all the pictures and I know packing up and coming to Augusta can be hard …..I truly appreciate all the effort you and Josh make. We love y’all.

  2. okay…i’m feeling a little left out. where’s the Berry Family photo!?? i let the pic of kaybeth picking her nose slide so i would think you would atleast have 1 family photo of us NOT picking our nose! haha! 😛

  3. okay…just checked your blog again and the berry family photo IS there!?! weird! when i looked at it earlier that pic didn’t show up! weird!? sorry! 🙂

  4. the pictures are wonderful and it looks like everyone had a blast. I saw pictures of all the kids and they are all beautiful
    Merry Chistmas…hope to see you all soon.

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