A Trip to the Horses without my Camera

No pictures this post, but I had to write a bit about our quick trip to the horses.  We made this quick trip because we couldn’t make a longer trip to Kirklands.  I wanted to go and meet Josh there, but as I continued to repeat myself and ask the kids to do the same things over and over, I decided I was finished.  Finished taking them places until they start obeying.  Until they stop huffing and puffing at me.  Until they stop rolling their eyes.  And I told them that I could hear their apologies, but I really didn’t much care for them (the apologies) at the moment.  Once actions matched their apologies, we could move on….until then, I will try to stay out of public with these three.  We’ll settle for hanging out with “wild” animals as long as that is what they act like.

SO, our horse trip.  The kids rode in the very back of the Volvo station wagon.  They got out and watched the horses.  Ruby was feeding them some grass, very carefully!  They were amazed at the amount of poop that was lying all around.  I got sidetracked just looking at how beautiful everything was out there—the trees, the horses, the landscape, the barns, just everything is gorgeous!  Anyway, when I snapped back to it I saw that Molly was staring almost nose to nose with one of the huge horses.  I watched for a minute, then I got scared.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said, “I just want to watch the horse,”  without even once blinking.  The horse twitched and stomped.  I demanded that Molly stop staring down the horse unless she’d like to get trampled by it.  She moved on and said, “There is some pink on her nose.”  Ok.

Mack, in the mean time, found a plastic stick-thing and was pointing it at the horses and saying in a growly voice, “You better get back to ‘dat barn, horsey.  Get back to ‘dat barn.”  Easy to act big and bad safely on the other side of the fence.  He is so funny.

And before you knew it, we were back in the wagon headed for home.

And that was our fun today.  Stay tuned—you never know how much fun we might have here at the Dorminy house.

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  1. haha! marcy and rebekkah with their funny comments! i don’t know who’s funnier?? you, rebekkah or marcy!!?? 🙂

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