Sort of normal

I don’t think I will ever refer to myself as “normal” now that I have three kids and am home schooling.  Not that I was really “normal” before, but these couple of things just plunge you right into crazy-world.  So, now that the kids are no longer infected with strep, we are sort of back to a routine.  Sort of.

Routine.  That’s another word that I am slowly learning to take with a grain of salt.  Nothing really goes the same twice here…I mean, I can always expect poopy diapers, expect hungry children at least three hundred times a day, expect a headache, but they all come at their own time and in their own rhythm.  I am in control of nothing.  nada.  zilch.  goose egg.

I am also NOT in control of little Mackie-boy’s chattering.  Goodness gracious!!!  From the time he woke up this morning he has NOT stopped talking.  He talked the whole way to Ruby’s school.  He talked the whole way to Molly’s Art and Music classes.  He talked the whole way to Hobby Lobby, the whole time in Hobby Lobby and began more talking once he got in his carseat to head back and get Molly.  I asked him if he would just be quiet for a little while.  “No.  I ount like bein’ cowet.”  (I don’t like being quiet.)  I told him that Mommy does like quiet sometimes, so maybe he could give it a try.  He waited at least three seconds before whispering, “Mama.  Whaccha’ doin.?”  Have mercy!

He then told me he was calling me on his fake phone and told me to pick up my phone.  “Wing,wing.”  “Hello?,” I answer, holding my phone up to my ear.  His reply?  “Me.”  I said, “Hey, Mack!  What are you doing?”  He says, as if I should know!!!!, “Me in the car, driving…..Hang up.”  I put my phone down only to go through this several more times.

If he wasn’t so cute, who knows what would happen to him!

2 thoughts on “Sort of normal

  1. Kristy, thanks for a good laugh! Mack sounds alot like my Josh! If they only knew what a few moments of silence would do for us mommies 🙂 Glad ya’ll are on the mend!

  2. LOL!! I tell Owen ALLLLL the time, “You sure are lucky you’re so cute!” 🙂 Thanks for a good smile! I know what those chatter days are like all too well!

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