Field Trip to Cagle’s Dairy

Ruby’s Kindergarten class went to Cagle’s Dairy for a field trip on Thursday.  It was a lot of fun.  Mack enjoyed feeding the goats the most.  Molly enjoyed hanging out with Mrs. Walley’s older daughters the most.  Ruby liked running everywhere she went the most.

DSC_0003I like to get shots of Mrs. Honaker in action.  She is so sweet.  I know we couldn’t have hand picked a kinder, sweeter, more loving, compassionate Kindergarten teacher for Ruby.  I could learn a few million things from her!!!!  And for the record, Mack calls her “Mrs. Hon-ker.”


These girls were so sweet to Molly.  You’ll see later that Molly ends up wearing one of their coats!

DSC_0012Sweet Kindergarten friends…and some siblings

DSC_0037These cows were eating hay out of our wagon ride!  They got super-close.

DSC_0047All the kids and adults got chocolate milk at the end of our tour.  YUM.

DSC_0052Got Milk?

DSC_0056Not sure why Molly was looking so sad….

Overall, a fabulous field trip.  Kindergarten is fun!

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