Molly turns 4

Molly had a fun birthday.  After school, we all went to the Mall to eat, to buy magnet earrings (“ear-angs,” as Molly says), play a little bit and enjoy a slushee with a cookie, of course.  Fun times were had by all, and we were all exhausted with this day that was filled with so much!  Here are some pictures:

DSC_0007Molly couldn’t wait to open this gift.  It kept moving and giggling…a doll with a motion detector that crawls and giggles and performs other bodily functions I won’t mention.  

DSC_0010Look at her go!  Even now as I sit here typing this, I can hear Josh walking around in the living room and that baby is somewhere in the living room, too.  Every time he goes near her, she is giggling and cooing at him! Ha.

DSC_0011Getting Ready for the Mall

DSC_0012Oh, so ready for the mall!

DSC_0013This has been the method of transportation for Mack the last handful of times we enter the mall.  He loves this thing and it keeps him in one place.


2 thoughts on “Molly turns 4

  1. okay…it’s official~i’m a dorminy anecdotes junky!! i wake up thanking the Lord for another day and anxiously awaiting my time at the computer to check for a new post! during nap time and as well as each night after the kids have said their prayers and are nicely tucked in their beds…i run to the computer to check, once again for another post! tonight to my surprise there was one! i LOVE that you make time to blog! i truly enjoy seeing all the pics and look forward to seeing what the dorminy’s will be doing next!

    love your sick sister! 🙂

  2. and not to mention that i LOVE being the first one to post a reply!?! don’t ask me why??? i guess i have a little ruby in me! haha!

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