For the record.

Today was my first day “teaching” Ruby as an official home-schooling parent.  We went over a handwriting song about starting your letters at the top of the page.  We played a phonics game, identified some shapes, wrote the number one, colored a picture, Ruby talked me the whole way through NEW BEGINNINGS and told me all about The Vick family, and more!  Gran was here and helped Ruby with making her own sentences with some sight words.  Ruby read her DICK & JANE book that Katherine let her borrow.  She didn’t enjoy cutting, but she endured and finished the little project she had to do.  Overall, a great first day!  I guess I should mention that Gran and PawPaw were downstairs playing with Molly and Mack while Ruby and I did school upstairs.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes without their help!  

Also, on Ruby’s first morning of school, Gran was telling Ruby how her Daddy’s (Josh’s) favorite time in Kindergarten was nap time.  Ruby asked Gran Why it was his favorite.  Gran said, “Well, I guess he just liked taking naps.”  Ruby said, “That is so funny.  My Daddy STILL likes taking naps!”  

This is where I insert a picture of Josh sleeping on the couch, but then I think better of it and just leave it to your imagination.  🙂

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  1. What a productive “First Day!”. I hope you enjoy it all year long. Ruby seems like the perfect child to ‘test the waters’ with. 🙂

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