Augusta & Pneumonia

Well, Friday we left for Augusta to see my family and attend a baby shower and celebrate Molly’s birthday with a “cousin party.”  I felt a little run-down, but that was definitely not out of the ordinary.  I just thought I needed to start taking vitamins again.  Friday night we stayed up late talking to my parents, so when I felt like I had been run over by a truck by Saturday afternoon, I figured that my body was just reminding me that I am older now and cannot stay up until 1:00am and make it through the day without a nap.  Saturday night I realized that something was WRONG.  I woke up with a bad fever.  I waited until we got back home to see a doctor…ends up, I had pneumonia.  It was not fun.  Josh was such a HUGE help.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much he did around here.  He took off two days from going into the office.  He carted kids to and fro, fixed their meals and left me to lay in the bed.  I could learn a thing or twenty from him in compassion and nursing.  Anyway, I am feeling better.  We didn’t have email access or internet all week, but I didn’t miss it, seeing as I was in the bed for most of the week.  I have loved being without it in some respects, but in others it has been quite annoying…maybe I can blog about it another time…..WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT LIFE FROM NOT HAVING COMPUTER ACCESS…nah, that’s sound boring….OK, Moving on to some pictures………

DSC_0005Molly, Josh and her FANTASTIC cake that Sweetie bought her!  Wow.  She loved the cake.



DSC_0018Sweetie bought all the girls “party dresses.”  They all wore them except Molly, the party girl!  Ugh.  I could have forced her to wear it, but really, how fun would that have been?  And I should have gotten a picture of all the cousins, but remember….I had PNEUMONIA, for goodness sakes!  On a healthy day, I would have had that dress on Molly in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and would have taken atleast 46 pictures of the cousins, but I digress.

DSC_0028This is the princess card Sweetie and Paw Paw gave Molly…it sang…and Ruby sang the “Every Girl Can Be A Princess” song all the way home.  It was lovely.

DSC_0031The violin from Sweetie and Paw Paw. They all loved it.  

DSC_0033Feel the love?

DSC_0041Molly loved her shades and bicycle basket and all the other goodies from Aunt Cacy.  Aunt Marcy contributed to Molly’s art chest, of which there can NOT be enough supplies.  She also solved the backpack dilemma.  Ruby had one from 4 years ago that all three of the kids fought over.  Molly got one from Sweetie this year, so that would leave Mack out or leave him fighting for two princess backpacks, BUT the art supplies came in a blue backpack!  How perfect!  Happy Birthday, Mack…..I mean, Molly!

And lastly, here is a picture of a “Little Me” that Ruby made for school.  Even with pneumonia, we got her school work done this week.  Kindergarten is fun!  Josh even got in on the action Monday night when I was useless.  He was such a help!  Did I mention that?!  


DSC_0045Here is a picture of the two cuties….Molly is clearly going to be Kindergarten-ready, seeing how she already sits and does just about everything Ruby does.  

OK, off to bed!  Ready for a fun Friday…..and Josh’s 32nd birthday!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Augusta & Pneumonia

  1. Awe, I’m so glad Molly is enjoying her art supplies…looks like she really gets into it…heart, soul, and HANDS! And my little Renn look so sweet in her party dress. Thanks for posting!

  2. I can’t believe you just kept on trucking…with PNEUMONIA! I’m glad you got to rest. What a great hubby…seems to be a theme among the “Joshes”. 🙂 🙂 Mine turns 31 next month. 🙂

  3. I can totally see Molly refusing to wear that dress. Even though she loves to dress up. She is very firm isn’t she?

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