Ruby’s First Day of School!

Well, our little Ruby is off at school today, hopefully enjoying every minute of her time there.  We went to Open House Saturday night.  Ruby got to meet Mrs. Honaker for the first time;  I knew she would love her from the start!

DSC_0004And I mean, really, look at what a sweet lady she is!  Can’t you just tell how nice she is from the picture???  I am telling you, I cried when I met her at a Teacher/Parent Meeting because I just knew how perfect she would be for Ruby.  Ruby is going to love being in Kindergarten with Mrs. Honaker.  When Molly asked her how she liked meeting her teacher, Ruby said she had fun, “but when the principal was talking it was sort of boring.”  The principal did a fantastic job and was just talking mostly to us parents, and all the while Ruby was dying to get into her new classroom and meet her teacher.

DSC_0006The room far exceeded her expectations, as Mrs. Honaker had lots of goodies and a scavenger hunt waiting for the kids.  Very fun night.

DSC_0007Ruby picked WAFFLE HOUSE as the restaurant to go to after Open House.  She said, “It’s fun for it to be just me and mama and daddy.”  It is hard to get one-on-one time with the kids, but it is always so fun.  Mrs. Mary was watching Molly and Mack…they were more than happy to be able to play at her house.  Molly even came home with birthday presents and a birthday cake!  Mrs. Mary is too good to us.

DSC_0008_2And THIS morning, two little girls got ready for school.  Molly gets to go to an Art and a Music class each Tuesday morning and this was her second time. Today is Molly’s Fourth birthday.  Once she got that birthday pin on her shirt, she walked around with her hands on her waist.  She walked everywhere like that.  And when I dropped her off at Art class she wanted me to be sure and tell her teacher that it was her birthday.

For Ruby, all of this was new.  I hardly slept at all last night.  I was so excited and my mind was racing with what to pack in her lunch and what time we should leave and wondering if I explained to her clearly enough the importance of shutting the door when she went to the bathroom.  Everything is new for her, and I was getting nervous for her.  I packed her lunch and sent a snack, too.  She looked so cute in her uniform with her backpack and lunchbox!  She didn’t seem nervous at all until I was about to leave her in the gym at the table where her class is to wait to go to class.  BUT, there were no tears shed.  I am thankful for that.  I think she is going to have a great day and be exhausted!

DSC_0013_2Ruby, 5 years old—August 18th, first day of Kindergarten

DSC_0014Molly, 4 years old TODAY!

Don’t ask me where she gets that big hair…we all have calm, smooth hair around here…yeah, right….Not to mention that the humidity is off the charts these days!

DSC_0017Anybody need a model for school uniforms?  I think Ruby is ready!

DSC_0021Daddy and his girls!  Sweet.


DSC_0024This is Ruby getting some smiles and encouraging words from Mrs. Honaker on her first day at school.


When I left her she seemed a bit nervous, but I am sure she has been too busy to be nervous today.  I am so excited for her, and I can’t wait to go pick her up this afternoon.  

We have a big night planned for Molly’s birthday….a trip to the mall to buy magnetic earrings since Daddy doesn’t want the girls to get their ears pierced yet, pizza and ice cream and the play area.  Should be fun, and I will make sure to get lots of pictures for a post tomorrow!  We can’t let the middle child’s birthday be overshadowed by Big Sister’s first day of school, now can we?

8 thoughts on “Ruby’s First Day of School!

  1. awww! i started to cry when i saw ruby in her uniform with her new teacher!! LOVE all the pics! we will call molly after nap time and let the kids sing happy b-day to her. looks like ya’ll are going to have a great school year! hopefully by the time my kids start school one of our churches will do something like that for home schoolers!?! we are jealous! can’t wait until this weekend! see you all soon!

  2. My eyes are full of tears…I can remember holding little Ruby the day she was born…and now she’s a big girl! And Molly is 4??????????? CRAZY! And love the poof 🙂

  3. OK. I did not cry when I dropped Levi off and I will not cry looking at these pictures of RubyI I,too, am remembering the three of us “amigos” sitting on Ruby’s nursery floor admiring her pudginess. Man, time flies. She is such a precious girl. I can’t wait to hear about her day.

  4. So sweet Kristy! Mrs. Honaker DOES look every bit the perfect teacher you described her to be. Isn’t it funny how the name Honaker meant absolutely nothing to you before this year! I still remember Mrs. Trivette, my kindergarten teacher. Ruby is going to have a great year! Loved the pics!

  5. Okay, I held it together until I saw Mrs. Honaker smiling at Ruby in the pictures from this morning! Then I got teary-eyed! Such a fun and momentus day for your family…2 schools and a birthday! WOW! Your babies are growing up and are so precious.

  6. Love the pic. Am so glad you are back on line. Have really missed you. Happy Birthday Molly Love.
    Ruby and Molly hope you have a great school year.

    Love you , GG

  7. I love the pictures, and I too got teary looking at those sweet smiles. Each and every day I wonder where the time has gone. I don’t know about you, but most days I still can’t even believe I have THREE KIDS!? LOL! 🙂 I hope their day and YOURS was great! I look forward to more pics. 🙂

  8. can’t believe how sentimental i am i got teary eyed too. i remember your first day of school and i myself have a 10th grader. where does the time go?!?!

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