Well, how weird does it feel to be sitting at a computer right now???  It is strange.  I think the Lord orchestrated a three week detox program for me.  This time without access to email or internet has really been quite nice.  The only times I have gotten frustrated have been when I need to know something about Ruby’s school and Molly’s Timothy classes.  Right now our internet works, but I have to wait until tomorrow to try and get our email address to be the same as it was before…that would really help a lot.  We’ll see.  Either way, I am just thrilled to have access to email and internet.  AND I want to be a better time-manager on it.  It can really occupy your time if you’re not careful.  I am planning to be careful.  

I could go into why it has taken so long, but really, who wants to hear that?  I will say that Josh told AT&T to do what they had to do to get us internet, and that we would be calling Comcast also and whoever got here first would get the business.  And Comcast won.  Can you believe it?  I was surprised.  Glad, but surprised.

OK, so since there is no way to catch up on all that has gone on around here, I will show some pictures of the house that were taken right after we moved in:


This is the kitchen, looking in through the mudroom.


DSC_0062Molly walking into her and Ruby’s new room…they love being together.  Ruby even told my mom that she hoped I remembered that she and Molly were supposed to be in the same room.  Cute.

DSC_0011Speaking of my mom, here she is with my Daddy and all of their grandkids.  We met them in Social Circle at the Blue Willow Inn for lunch and to pick up our kids from them.  My mom and sisters watched them for three nights.  We could NOT have moved the way we did any other way.  It was so nice to know that they were having fun.


My younger sister, Cacy, helped immensely with the kids.  She let them all spend the night with her one night.  Molly and Ruby went over there another night, too.  Mack opted to hang out in PawPaw’s lap and get attention from Sweetie, too.  Smart kid.

DSC_0038This is Aunt Marcy, my older sister (she loves it when I refer to her in that way!) and her baby girl, Rennison.  She also helped with the kiddos, and I am so thankful.  I am sure it took all three of them to keep everyone happy.

DSC_0060Here is Mack checking out his new room.

DSC_0061This is the “school room/play room” and it has come a long way!  There are no boxes in there anymore….or anywhere else in the house, actually!

DSC_0071The girls love their closet.  It is like a little hide-away.  I send them there for rest time some days.  I found them like this the other afternoon.  They have not given us any trouble at night with getting out of bed.  They ride their bikes every day and stay more active here with all the room outside to play and run, so they go to bed exhausted.  That is so good!

DSC_0073The guest room

DSC_0117Here is the front of our house.  I suppose I could have started with this picture, but hey, it’s like I am starting all over with this blog thing, so give me a break.

DSC_0075The kids played in the rain the other day.  We have an area between the house and garage that is covered, so it is nice to sit out there when it rains.  I stayed dry.  The kids thought it was more fun to play in the rain.

DSC_0090I made Molly an Art basket full of supplies, which she has quickly gone through!  I am glad that Gran is going to be replenishing the supplies for Molly’s birthday.  That girl loves to cute and glue and make a huge mess!  Give her glitter pens and she is happy for hours….yes, hours.  I am not even kidding.  

DSC_0094This is the wall in my mud room, which I LOVE.  The mud room and laundry room are two of my very favorite places here.  I hope it will help to keep things running smoothly around here.

So, there you have it.  The first blog after a crazy-long break.  There’s more going on though….Ruby’s new Kindergarten starts on Tuesday, Molly just started her Art and Music classes, and they all started Awanas…..more pictures to come!

4 thoughts on “BACK IN BUSINESS…I think.

  1. okay….i can’t tell you how THRILLED i am that you have the internet!!!! i have missed reading and seeing all the pics! i really want to know where you got the “dorminy” calendar!?? please send me the email! and we can’t wait until molly’s b-day party!!! we are excited!!! well, we can’t wait for more house pics~it looks gorgeous! really can’t wait to visit! love you!

  2. Hooray! I love the whole “race” thing between Comcast and AT&T! Whatever works. Glad you’re back and taking a break definitely sheds light on how much time was actually spent on the computer. I may have to do a fast.

  3. I too have been having Dorminy withdrawals!! SO glad you’re up and running again. I LOVE your new house and I’m so glad you’ve gotten settled nicely. I can’t wait to hear about Ruby first week of school! Love you guys!!

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