No More Boxes…No internet either

Well, we are alive and well at The Dorminy household….just don’t have internet access yet. I am actually enjoying the time that I am not on the internet! We don’t have tv and that has proven to be a wonderful thing as well. However, I do have emails that need to be sent, people to check in on, and this blog to update, so having internet access won’t come a second too soon. Right now I am at the Frosty Frog using their WiFi. I hope this doesn’t become something I have to do.
The house is wonderful. We are loving getting settled, and I cannot begin to tell you how much more settling there is to be done!! While all the boxes are unpacked and everyone has their stuff in their rooms and clothes in their closet, I have an ongoing wish list for where I want a little lamp or a cute rug or a picture or two….etc, etc. Nothing necessary, just fun stuff that can wait. My favorite room so far is the laundry room. It works so well, and I spend a great amount of time in there. The kids are riding their bikes everyday, playing out in the yard and no one has had any trouble going to sleep in their new rooms so far. They are exhausted by the end of the day.
Ruby starts school on August 18th. Molly turns four on August 18th and starts her new Art and Music classes on that same day. We have a busy week coming up with Teacher Meetings and an Open House for Ruby…should be lots of fun!
I do hope and pray that by this time next week I will be up and running in the Internet department and get back to keeping up with my blog and using my email responsibly. I have learned first hand how much time I could waste on this thing!
Say a prayer for AT&T to get on the ball for us.

One thought on “No More Boxes…No internet either

  1. yippee! you posted a message!! i can’t wait to see pics of everyone nestled in their rooms! can’t believe ruby will be starting school…and molly is 4!!! wow! so glad everyone is enjoying the new house! can’t wait to come visit! anxiously waiting for your next post! đŸ™‚

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