Molly turns four on this coming Tuesday.  I can hardly believe that.  She, being the middle child, is truly in an interesting place.  Unfortunately, it is her baby days that I have the hardest time remembering without pictures.  Isn’t that sad?  I am a second-born, middle child, too, so I guess I can tell her that it will all be ok one day, and she will be a “well-adjusted adult,” according to that Birth-Order book that seems to be spot-on.  ANYWAY, I think I will remember her teenage days more than the others though….whew…she is high-maintenance, and I love her.  She started her Timothy classes this past Tuesday.  She is taking an Art class and a Music class.  She seemed to have a great first day, but was upset that she didn’t use “real glue” in class, and therefore did not make a craft since, evidently, if you don’t use “real glue” it is NOT a craft.  They “just painted.”  And did you know you don’t do crafts in Music class?  The nerve of that music teacher not pulling out “real glue.”  And, of course, the teacher said, “She is SO shy, but so very sweet.”  I just smiled and told her that I hoped Molly would warm up as the weeks went by.  



DSC_0163Molly picked out her socks.  She loves colorful socks.  It cracks me up.  

Seeing my necklace “glowing” in the picture reminds me of IRON MAN.  Josh made me watch it with him the other night.  Just a random thought…..

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  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad you are back in business! I’ve missed reading your blog and all the fun happening at the Dorminy house!

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