The Third Child/Baby of the family



That Mack is quite the character. Lately he has been saying, “pookie-kookie” or “poopie-koopie” or “oopie-koopie-poopie.” We don’t know what it all means. He doesn’t either. He just enjoys the jabbering and having the family laughing at him.
And in his mind there are only two letters in the Alphabet. He sings, “A-C-A-C-A-C-A….” to the tune of the ABC song.
And lastly, he thinks every color is “LELLOW.” We are trying. Really hard. Ruby told me she would teach him, but it didn’t take her long to get frustrated with him and huff off.
Mack just laughed. Oh dear.

One thought on “The Third Child/Baby of the family

  1. Awe, the baby 🙂 What a sweet boy. I love it when they jabber those funny little phrases………so cute! Your comment about Mack’s 2 letter alphabet reminded me that I heard Jud “counting” the other day at my house “1, 2, 7” and Vance counts the dinosaur’s toes in this book we read…he knows there are 6 so he points to the first and then the last and says “1, 6!” It may be a boy thing………get right to the point. You should teach Mack to say “A – Z” HEE HEE HEE!

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