Just so you know…

We are packing and preparing to move.  Bitter sweet….I can’t wait to get in the new house and be settled.  The whole process leading up to it is what might kill me.  So please know that I may not be posting very much….partly because not much is very cute or sweet to me in the middle of all this chaos and partly because I am busy with boxes.  Say a prayer for our sanity.   And for the Lord to keep us in perfect peace as we trust in Him in the coming days.  I haven’t moved in six years, which is a record for me since I started moving regularly at the age of 13.  We have a lot of stuff.  It’s the kid’s fault.

One thought on “Just so you know…

  1. oh my! i know you are SO excited to be making this move…you will probably be even happier once all is said and done! i will be thinking of you all as you pack up and say good bye to your neighbors and house! remember to be patient with the kids AND josh! 🙂 too bad you guys don’t live closer…we could help you move! on second thought, we could totally watch the kids for you instead! haha! i’m sure you have plenty of volunteers with all the friends and church family you have! well, hope it goes so smooth and we can’t wait to see the new house! love you all!

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