No pictures-

I have no pictures to go along with our day, so I was mindful to take the pictures in my mind…..

-Early morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon and grits…sweet faces telling me thank you and full bellies running off to play

-Fun at a park where we had our lunch by a lake; we just decided to do it because it seemed like fun.  It was.  The kids were laughing.  Molly was eating like a trucker.  She likes “bone chicken.”  

-Ruby leaving her shoes at our new house, so Mack had to give her his flip flops and he was carried everywhere…not an easy job!

-Molly pooping in her pants at a park and me trying to clean her up at a nasty port-a-potty…She wanted to know why the water in the “toilet” was grape.  You see, it was purple b/c of the scent they add to that HORRIBLY DISGUSTING situation.  But I had to laugh at her question.  Never mind the fact that SHE IS ALMOST FOUR YEARS OLD AND HAS ISSUES WITH POOPING ON A POTTY!!!!

-It was such fun to stop in at a cute gift shop and buy a few cute things!  We walked to an ice cream shop after that…the kids were hilarious in there.  Ruby and Molly were enjoying their ice cream at a moderate pace.  Mack, on the other hand, inhaled his chocolate ice cream—all except the last little bit of the cone with a drop of ice cream in it—THEN he wanted to trade with one of the girls.  It was the most hilarious thing how mad he got that they wouldn’t trade with him.  He cried, he hollered “CHADE!  CHADE, DOBBY!” (trade, trade Molly!), and even banged his hands on the table….poor guy.  When Molly went to get water he grabbed her cone and got to biting and licking and eating and smiling.  Then, when she came back and wanted her ice cream back, the fit picked up right where he left it!

-I loved stopping in at the Fruit and Veggies store to pick up fresh tomatoes and peaches.  Tomatoes–for the B.L.T. Josh was having for dinner and peaches because it is summer time!

-A wonderful part of the day was sitting on the swing with Josh in the back yard and watching the kids play and play in the water.  They were so sweet.  I didn’t want to go to the trouble of getting them all in their swimsuits and getting out all the water stuff, but I am glad I did.  They had fun, and I enjoyed watching them.  HOWEVER, when you sit down to watch your kids right after dinner as they enjoy play time with full bellies, well….there is still this thing called A MESS from dinner that somebody has got to clean up.  So, with that said, I better get off this computer.

I hope everyone is planning to have a wonderful INDEPENDENCE DAY!  We are planning to enjoy some pork chops, potato salad, and corn with brownies and ice cream for dessert….you can have ice cream every day in the summer, right?

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoy your children and I’m glad you take time to enjoy their play instead of doing the dishes. The dishes will always be there but the young ones grow up so fast. Sounds like Friday was a fun day for the whole family. Mack is a cutie pie but I’m glad the girls don’t always give in to him. I probably always gave my little brothers what they wanted and would still do it when possible. Hope you had a fun Fourth of July. Irvin and I enjoyed the day very much.

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