I will love the price.

Ruby and Molly were watching a CEDARMONT KID’S VIDEO.  These are cheesey cute videos of kids singing and dancing.  My kids love watching them and singing and dancing along.  I was fixing their lunch when Ruby came in and said to me in a very matter-of-fact tone, “Mom, you’re gonna love the price of that Cedarmont video.  You are, yep…you’re gonna love it.”  I quickly realized that she was repeating what the end of the video says when they are advertising all the other kinds of videos….they say, “Kids will love the videos; Parents will love the price!”  Very cute of Ruby.

Another cute story happened this morning.  I decided to try and floss the girl’s teeth.  I started with Ruby.  When Molly came in to see what was going on, Ruby said, “Mom is glossing my teeth.  You’re next.”  

Mack is talking a lot these days.  He says, “Hold MEEEE, mama.  Hold MEEEE”  a lot.  He also says, “YO’ bed, Mama.  YO’ bed” at night when it is time for him to go to his bed.  He is so cute!!!  He likes to run to the girl’s room and “hide” under their covers while they are going potty before getting in bed.  It is adorable.  When we move I am sure he will be sneaking into the girl’s room for the night.  Our room is downstairs, so he will probably get away with much more!   We should just buy him a queen size bed when the time comes so that they can all just sleep together.  Ooooh, I am realizing what a great idea that is!  Then I would only have to make up one bed instead of three!  Hmmmmmm……

OH MY!  I just left the kids to eat lunch at the table while I typed this out.  Well, Molly is on the potty because it has been days and days since she has pooped.  Anyway, I left her plate of chicken and strawberries on the island so it would be ready for her when she was done.  MACK ate his strawberries, then went and got her plate and ate all of her strawberries, too!  And when I told him that was not good to do, he looked up at me and just laughed and laughed, then stopped to say, “No pop-pop.”  (Meaning that he didn’t want a spankin’!)  That boy.

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  1. Literally LOL! These stories keep me rollin’

    The funny story about Ruby telling you “you’re gonna love the price” of that video reminds me of Cacy’s story about wanting to see the movie when she was young…remember, Mama asked her “where is the movie?” and she answered “at a theater near you!” Still cracks me up to this day 🙂

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