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So, the “1997” post picture has sparked conversation with friends that didn’t know Josh or me back then.  It has been 12 years ago!  I was telling some friends last night about a very neat story that I would most definitely want my kids to know about.  

Paige, my room mate, and I were sitting in Huddle House because there was seriously  no where else in the town of Cochran to hang out!  Seriously.  The Huddle House was the place to be….so, there we were.  I was telling her about how I was very much tired of my interest in guys that were no where near what I knew God would want for me.  I was tired of going on dates with people that were so completely different from me in values and interests and everything.  I told her that I just didn’t want to date anymore.  And I didn’t, for a really long time anyway…like 8 months, at least.  Anyway, she grabbed a Huddle House napkin and a pen and started telling me to list what I wanted in a husband.  I didn’t particularly want to play this game, but I did.  I started with 1) a Christian.  That is the most important thing, but then I quickly added, 2) Bold! (doesn’t just say they are, but lives like it).  The list went on to something like #46.  I know, crazy.  I really wish I had kept that napkin.  BUT, the reason I remember 1 and 2 so well was because after I made my list, Josh Dorminy came walking in the Huddle House (we all knew one another and were friends).  He was going to order to-go, so he walked up to the counter.  He had waved at us, but when he was at the counter we saw the back of his t-shirt and Paige about fell on the floor.  He was wearing a t-shirt that had a verse on the back, “Therefore we are bold…”  Seriously.  Paige was convinced at that very moment that he and I would be together forever.  I didn’t go that far at that moment, but I did think that it was really weird.  I even distinctly remember the day that I took down the napkin from my dorm room mirror and threw it away.  I thought at that very moment that I let the napkin fall into the blue trash can that I probably should save this, and a thought of Josh Dorminy ran through my mind.  

But, back to that night at the HH.  Paul (he was from New York and pronounced his name “Pool.”) was sitting alone behind us, so he asked Josh to grab a seat at his booth….right behind me and Paige.  So there we sat, in neighboring booths, back to back.  Paige–you gotta know her–grabs the napkin and tells Josh she is writing a paper for her Psychology class, which she probably wasn’t even enrolled in, and she wanted to ask  him some questions.  She proceeded to go down my whole list asking questions and getting answers from him.  All of them lined up.  It was so crazy.  I was looking at Paige like, ENOUGH!  She paid me no mind.  And Josh just ate and answered her questions.  That whole night is very real in my memory, and I am so glad I can remember that story.  Evidently, God was up to something even then.  

And there is more to when we actually started dating;  I will have to write about that another time. I love our story and how God brought us together.  It’s good to think about and fun to remember.  I can tell you that having three little youngins in a very short amount of time was NOT on the list, but I am so glad that is a part of our story!  I would have never thought it up back then.


4 thoughts on “Love this story

  1. I LOVE that story!!! that Paige…she’s very interesting. I should meet her sometime 😉

  2. I never get tired of hearing this story…so awesome! And, girl, where are those napkins?????? If something similar happened today you would save the napkins, take a picture of them, and upload them to your blog. hee hee!

  3. i too never get tired of hearing that story and neither will your kids! it amazes me how great God is and how He works! so wish you had the napkin….

  4. I loved hearing you talk about your relationship with Josh back when you led our girls’ bible study (late 90’s!). Your testimony has encouraged many! Now I am married to a ‘Josh’ of my own (literally), we have three kiddos as well, and we’re all serving the Lord together. Thank you for setting such a great example all those years.

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