What to wear?

Mack is so funny in the morning.  He loves that I finally put batteries back into his fish thingy that hangs on his crib.  He loves turning it on, then turning it off, then turning it on again, then off…you get it.  I walked in this morning and watched him do this, then I said, “Where’s Elmo?”  Elmo was laying face down, so Mack leaned over to him and looked around to see if Elmo was sleeping…then Mack whispered, “Elmo, bed, shhhh.”  It was so cute!  I got him out of his crib and went straight to the changing table to change the enormous, wet diaper.  As soon as Mack’s feet are up in the air and he spots them, he says, “ooos” (shoes).  And he keeps saying shoes until I get them out to put them on his chubby feet.  This morning he was particular and asked, “Where hocks?”  (where are my socks?)  I picked out a pair of socks, but he went into the basket and handed me a different pair.  Picky boy this morning.  He was very happy to have a new diaper and new socks and shoes on this morning.  He must be like his big PawPaw (my dad) who doesn’t come out of his room until he has showered and is dressed from head to toe.  I rarely saw my dad’s feet growing up…and never saw him in pajamas or a robe for goodness sake.  He is not one for lounging around.  He wouldn’t do well with our pajama days that happen far more frequently than I am willing to admit.

Funny how different each child is.  Ruby gets up and immediately wants to put on a dress-up outfit.  Even after a shower, she asks if she can only put on panties because she wants to dress in one of her outfits downstairs rather than real clothes.  Even last night after coming in the door from church, it was’t two seconds before she was in her princess gown.  

Molly is also different than the other two.  She has a shower-radar.  The second the shower turns on, she appears and wants to get in..”Can I take a shower with you?” (as she steadily takes off her clothes and opens the shower door…only with ME, not Josh…she is much too old for that).  Then, she disappears to go and dress herself in “day clothes,” as she calls them.  You never know what she is going to come out in, but I am just glad she wants to be dressed and is willing to do it herself.

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