“That’s not fair!”

Molly pooped on the potty, so all the kids got a popsicle to celebrate this BIG achievement (Yes, she is 3 1/2 …the pooping business is still quite the ordeal with her).  I started explaining to them that after this snack they were to go and play and leave me alone for a bit because their Daddy and I were having friends over for dinner.  

Ruby: “Are we gonna have friends over?”

Molly: “Do we get to eat?”

Me: “Yes, you get to eat with us, but their kids aren’t coming with them, so you won’t have friends over.”

Ruby: “MO-OM!  That is not fair!”

Me: “Ruby, what are you talking about?”  (you have lost your mind, my little four year old…)

A few seconds of silence….

Ruby:  “It’s like if I got a popsicle, but Molly didn’t.  That would not be fair.”

Molly: “but I did get a popsicle, Ruby, I did!  SEE?!”

Ruby: (trying to explain that it was an analogy) “I know, Molly, but IF you didn’t get one and I did, that wouldn’t be fair.”

Molly: “but I DID, Ruby, I did get a popsicle.”

Ruby just looked at me and went right back to her point—“It’s not fair that you get friends over and we don’t.”  

I am such a mean mom. 

It reminds me of the other day when we were coming home from Handwriting class.  Katherine was coming over to play, and I told them girls that we would eat pizza when we got home.  They were so excited…until we pulled into the neighborhood.  “Mama, you forgot the pizza!!!!” Ruby said.  I explained to her that I didn’t forget, and I told her I was going to bake it at home (a frozen one).  “OH, NO! I don’t like that kind.  I want the kind you buy at the restaurant.  I don’t want the one you make at home!!!!”  She continued this rant and rave about the pizza and a few other things.  When she started crying over it, I ever-so-gently pulled her to the side and let her know that SOME KIDS DON’T EAT AT ALL, MUCH LESS YUMMY PIZZA THAT THEIR MAMA COOKS FOR THEM, AND MOST KIDS DON’T GET TO HAVE FRIENDS OVER AND THEN GO OVER TO THEIR HOUSE, AND SOME KIDS DON’T HAVE TOYS…WHY DON’T YOU BE A LITTLE MORE GRATEFUL SO THAT I LET YOU EAT THIS PIZZA, PLAY WITH KATHERINE AND ENJOY ALL OF YOUR TOYS?????

Again, what a mean mom…serving a frozen pizza instead of a “real” pizza.

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