I miss Mrs. Lee.

So Mrs. Lee was scheduled to come and clean today.  She asked if she could change it to this past Wednesday…well, no.  Wednesday afternoons would be a horrible time to get my house cleaned.  The kids HAVE to have a rest time on Wednesday, we HAVE to eat dinner by 5:00 because we HAVE to go to church on Wednesday night.  She won’t be here until Feb 13th.  Yikes.  My poor house.  I decided that I would clean today…I know HOW  to clean, and  I actually enjoy it when I am not interrupted or when a million things get undone while I am trying to do ONE thing.  So, I am reminded today that I really, really, really appreciate having a cleaning lady.  I know it won’t last forever, but for now I choose to enjoy it.  A lot.

Now I am off to see what mess has been made while I have sat here typing this.  Then, I will head upstairs with the munchkins to try and tidy up there while they are “trapped” in the tub.  I use the word trapped quite loosely, as there are many days they escape and run their naked bodies all through the house.  

Happy Cleaning.  And Happy Friday.

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