Several Random Thoughts

Bear with me, as this entry is quite random.

We had our carpets cleaned by Tim from Luster Kleen.  He is the most passionate man I have ever met in regards to flooring in general.  He is one of three master certified something or ‘nothers….the man knows floors.  It truly is amazing.  Anyhow, he has white hair and a white beard and mustache.  He also seems to have a wife that cooks very well (how is that for political correctness?!)  Mack stood at the bottom of our stairs looking up to where he was giving Josh a dissertation on what kind of carpets to buy and what kind not to buy and why Pulte may just be the champion of cutting corners in the building industry, and Mack kept saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho.”  It was quite humorous.

Molly went upstairs this morning to get some pants on, and she stayed gone longer than I was comfortable with.  I hollered for her to come down…she didn’t…I hollered again…and then she appeared asking, “HOW IS THIS, Mama?”

dsc_00012Before I could answer HOW this was, I needed to know WHAT it was.  Ends up, she found some Balmex butt cream to put on her face…nice.  After the quick photo opt, I cleaned her face.  Oh, and side note, notice that there are no pants on her legs.  She is so easily distracted.

Special thanks to the Koester Klan for watching our kids last night while we ate a nice dinner alone for our anniversary.  So great to have wonderful friends.  The kids had fun, and they never want to leave Mrs. Mary’s house!  I truly think they would move right in if I let them.  Molly came home with a DVD, two small stuffed animals,a pair of flip flops and a pair of Barbie 3-D glasses.  I told her maybe she should pick one thing to take home.  “But, I want all of them,” she said.  And she always adds, “Mrs. Mary said!!!!!”  She was even trying to think of more stuff to bring home with her as we were leaving…greedy little booger.

We just got an AWESOME photo book from Lori, a friend of Uncle Jason’s.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you, Lori, if you read this.  I will be in touch, for sure!!!!!!  It brought back some fun, warm memories on this cold, rainy day in January.  The kids enjoyed the pictures, but the box it came in is proving to be a winner for them!  They are using it as a boat, a raft, an airplane…..thanks!

Mrs. Debbie is doing well.  She never ceases to amaze me how she is allowing the Lord to teach her and mold her to be more like Christ.  I am so thankful that the chemo seems to be working.  Keep praying that the doctors will have wisdom as they keep working with her.  We hope to get to see them this weekend.  Her last day of work is Friday. Pray for Irvin, too.  He hasn’t felt well this week.  We really do wish we could be there to help in some way.  I feel so useless up here in Woodstock while they are four hours away…I know that they have wonderful family and friends close by and it is so obvious that the Lord is helping them through it all.


dsc_00092This is a picture of our house.  It is coming along nicely.  The roof is metal.  We love it.  They are building the porches today, then we will start more of the inside stuff.  These are exciting times and extremely busy times.  I can’t wait for the day we can actually move in to this house!

2 thoughts on “Several Random Thoughts

  1. i love your blog.. i think that molly is hilarious! in so many ways, she reminds me of ella kate:) how far apart are your kids.. they seem pretty close like mine. (our 1st 2 are 11mo apart and our last 2 are 13mo apart).. but seeing your girls together and playing makes me excited about mine getting older. your new house looks beautiful… can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. Oh Kristy….I so enjoy reading your blog entries. You make me laugh!!! And I still don’t see how in the world you have the time to write as much as you do!! You’re making me look like a slacker!!! Oh…and the house is looking awesome! 🙂

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