THE MALL (second post tonight)


soft play area
soft play area




imagesWhat do soft play areas, icees,  overpriced cheese pizza and double-doozie cookies all have in common?  EVERY TRIP WE MAKE TO THE NORTH POINT MALL!  Today we did our usual stuff at the mall….started at the food court with pizza, talked them out of the merry-go-round, then strolled down to the play area, where strategically located is the Great American Cookie Company, of course!  With icees, no doubt.  The kids love this routine…why wouldn’t they?  I have to take them after I get my allowance.  It will break you.

Special thanks for Mary for helping me with the kids.  Katherine and Ben, Mary’s kids, were with us.  Ben helps a lot with Mack.  Mary meets a need with Molly…and Molly has many needs.  Katherine and Ruby are two peas in a pod, so I was able to look for some birthday presents and make a decision in Pottery Barn (thanks, Mary!).

Speaking of POTTERY BARN KIDS,  Molly has fallen in love with the store.  Not so much for their adorable decor for kid’s rooms, but more for the fun play kitchen and doll houses, etc.  She kept saying, “Mama, when are we going to HOLLERY BARN?”  It used to be Honnery Yarn, Ponnery Larn….so we are getting closer.  I have been squirreling away some money here and there because I want a certain bedding for the girl’s new room.  Josh thinks it is funny that I am so in to decorating their room.  He says, “Nobody is every gonna see it.”  Well, it is their room, I work in the house, and we will all see it and enjoy it.  He is just a man and doesn’t quite understand the joy we women have in decorating most anything.  SO, I had enough money to buy their duvet covers and shams.  Then, I spotted an $8.oo shower curtain that was ADORABLE.   Here is what the bedding look like:

img14tI am so excited!!!!  It has a castle, carriage rides and princesses on it. I want to find some headboards for twin beds that I can paint the brownish color in the duvet.  I have a dresser someone gave us to also paint that color.  The walls will be the green that is in the duvet….oh so cute!  

I still need to get the pink bedskirts, the down comforter to go in the duvet, and two sets of sheets….probably the green color with a pink blanket for one bed and a green one for the other.  My green gingham nursery chair will match perfectly if there is enough space for it.  I really am so excited to see it all put together.  I am thinking of painting a big “M” above Molly’s bed and a big “R” above Ruby’s bed.  I am not sure about that though.  

So I will continue to squirrel away little by little….one day the room will be complete, then I will move on to my dream bedding.  (Cuz this is such important stuff, right???)

2 thoughts on “THE MALL (second post tonight)

  1. I completely understand this desire to decorate. So much fun…and important, too! 🙂 I love the bedding and the room sounds adorable. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Oh my that bedding is sooo cute. I totally know the “need to decorate” feeling. We are in a rental right now and Cam and Chloe are sharing a room and I am dying to decorate. I just love to go into PB and just dream!

    I love the M and R idea for above their beds! Fun Fun

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