A Fun Week!

This week was a busy one…fun and super duper cold!!!  Ruby went to Katherine’s house on Tuesday to play.  She even got to go out to eat with them and some other friends of ours.  You can read about their fun time at marysjournal.wordpress.com.  Wednesday we stayed home, and I did laundry, then we went to church…and then stayed up too late watching American Idol.  Thursday we went to THE BOUNCE HOUSE twice!  It cost $7 per kid to go jumping!  We stayed an hour and a half, went home for lunch and naps, then went back at 4:00 for an hour or so, then we went to see our new house with windows in it!  We stopped at The Waffle House for dinner.  Today we went to the mall while Mrs. Lee cleaned here….BY THE WAY, she called me and said, “Kristy, where is the fish???”  I told her very nicely that in her kindness of cleaning his bowl, she killed him, but not to fret.  We are all over it now.  She was horrified.  I felt so bad for her, but kept on consoling her that we were all really ok.  When she opened the back door and found that Charlie is now in a frozen block of ice on my back porch, she probably will realize how ok we are with the dead fish.  

We did a lot of painting this week and playing.  It has been way cold here and just near unbearable outside, so we have to get creative with all of our indoor time.  

Mack was a little rough with the paints
They all three enjoyed themselves
MOLLY (and her belly)


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